Monday, May 29, 2017

Marvin X at 73, May 29, 1944

What a wonderful journey
wonderful life
running from the devil
running away wives
most wonderful children
some strange like me
but never had to shout
never had to beat
praise mothers
step fathers
those grandchildren
all generals bossy bossy
where they get that from
worst friends in the world mama said
baraka sun ra eldridge huey bobby
mama didn't understand
they had wild imaginations
like her son
wanted freedom
freedom or death
we on't give a fuck
exile jail prison underground
black listed white listed
colleges universities showed me the door
a bit much for most
youth say he's very blunt
white folks say they can read between his lines
love his creativity
hate his personality
Printer say man, you don't like nobody
that's what I got out yo book
no, I just question everybody
whose shit don't stink
don't give a damn whacha say bout me

I'm free
James Sweeney say I'm the most free nigguh
in non-free Amerikkka
wrote my books
said what I want to say
so what if I shoot myself in the foot
it's my foot fuck it
what a wonderful journey
what a wonderful life
what a wonderful world
even without a wife
what wife could endure me
too much creative energy
call it insanity
I'm just me
work hard party hard
with my ten friends
you never see
gotta feed them
my eternal company.
what a wonderful world
wonderful time to be alive
see the devil on the run
death angels on his ass
I just laugh
my name is Jess
I ain't in this mess
Sun Ra said you didn't let me enjoy yo gladness
I don't wanna enjoy yo sadness
sing a happy song
how long has this been goin on
thank you ancestors for yr blood
you make me do the good I do
I would be deaf dumb and blind
if not for you
thank you mama and daddy
thank you granny with yr loving hands
thank you great grandfather Ephraim Murrill
20 years a slave saw lincoln
died in Madera
gotta go see his grave
what a wonderful journey
what a wonderful world
--Marvin X
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  1. Happy Younger than Ever Day, Marvin. Love this poem. You are a treasure. I did your astrological chart sometime ago and wasn't surprised to find your Sun conjunction Uranus, the planet of rebellion, originality and the true individual. You are one of a kind. Many happy returns, Judy J.