Saturday, May 6, 2017

Six Square Black Cultural District, Austin, Texas

Nefertitti Jackmon
Six Square

Nefertitti Jackson
Nefertitti Jackmon is the executive Director for Six Square and has 
worked for more than 20 years to build the cultural capacity of African 
American communities and organizations. Nefertitti was born in Fresno,
California but moved to Houston in 1995. She began her career 
working for various non-profits and started searching for opportunities 
outside of Houston. She then landed a dream opportunity with Six 
Square in Austin. As the executive director of Six Square, she works 
to preserve and celebrate the historic legacy of the African American 
community that lived and thrived in Central East Austin. They 
accomplish this by offering tours of the district so that visitors 
can learn of the history of the people, places and stories that 
have contributed to the cultural diversity of Austin. They also 
produce events and exhibits that celebrate the various genres 
of African American culture: visual arts, music, food, spoken word 
and much more. She loves engaging in work that she’s most 
passionate about. Her background in African American studies 
was the tool that helped her finally decide what type of nonprofit 
organization she desired to work with.
“I firmly believe that as people learn their roots and dig deeper 
into understanding where they came from, they have a greater 
capacity to stand tall, to have pride, to love themselves and to 
find purpose and meaning in their lives. That is what I’m here to
 do, and the story of Black Austin, is the story of Black America. 
To help unearth that powerful story of resilience is a powerful honor 
that I will never consider work. I have been energized by Austin and 
the great opportunities that exist to show the world how we can learn 
from our past mistakes and build better futures for our children. The 
systems responsible for creating the area that we now refer to as Six 
Square, must be completely, and permanently destroyed. There are 
intelligent, passionate people in Austin who are leading the 
conversations and the actions needed to create better futures, 
and my hope is more equitable opportunities for all citizens. 
That’s what’s most inspiring about Austin.”
Photographed at Downs Field.

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