Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exiled Black Panther Field Marshall Don Cox Makes Transition

Exiled Black Panther Field Marshall Don Cox Makes Transition in France

For DC

Let us push forward in the wind
fly on freedom's wings
he could not come home
so the world was his home
mighty warrior
leader in battle
we love you DC.
We shall see you again
in the wind.

from Sweet Tea/Dirty Rice Poems, Marvin X, Black Bird Press, Berkeley, late 2011.

DC and son in France
He was Field Marshall of the Black Panthers and wanted for murder in the USA. DC was in charge of the Panther military.

Upon his transition, his wife Barbara, who lives in Philadelphia, issued the following statement:
I received a call this morning that D.C., aka Donald L Cox, has made his transition to the ancestral grounds.
Brother DC was 74 years of age. born april 16, 1936. Passed on February 19, 2011. He will be cremated and his ashes spread around his home in france and some brought back to California and the Bay Area.
I will be leaving for France on Wednesday the 23 and staying for a month to clean up his business or whatever needs to be done.
I can be reached by my email or don's phone at 01133468698308...Femember france is 6 hours ahead of eastern standard time.
He passed in sleep of unknown causes. He had just been out in his garden the day before, preparing the ground for spring. His children and grandchildren were preparing to spend time with him in is not to be.

His wife,barbara easley cox(BC), had just spend last summer with him and his daughter, kimberly, was there in october. They are both thankful for the memories.



  1. so goes the passing of my generation and those of us who were know as revolutionaries and outlaws

  2. I wish to express my most heart-felt condolences for our brother to all of his loved ones. I was an international correspondent for Muhammad Speaks and also a community activist in the League of Revolutionary Black Workers in Detroit during the 1960s and 70s.

    Prof. Charles Simmons
    The Hush House Black Community Museum and Leadership Training Institute for Human Rights, Detroit

  3. Nous avons bien connu "done" comme tout le monde l'appelait on était voisin pensées pour notre ami (famille massard), je suis leur fille j'étais tout le temps avec lui, un homme admirable comme on trouve peu !

    sincéres condoléances


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