Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Music and Exhibits at Poetry Fest/Book Fair

Bay Area Black Authors

Exhibits and Music at Poetry Fest and Book Fair

Original Black Panther
Party Members

L to R Augusta Collins, Poet/scholar Ptah Allah El, Marvin X and drummer Kwic Time

Attendees of the Bay Area Black Authors Poetry Festival and Chauncey Bailey Book Fair will be entertained by the music of Kwic time and Blues living legend Augusta Collins. Among the exhibits will be the archives of the Black Panther Party, a project of It's About Time. Archives from the Black Arts Movement will be exhibited by Eastside Arts. Marvin X will also exhibit his personal archives of the Black Arts Movement, the most radical literary and artistic movement in American history.

The event takes place Saturday, February 19, Noon til 6pm at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, 406 14th Street at Franklin, downtown Oakland.


Post Newspaper Group
Black Bird Press
Oakland Local
It's About Time
Eastside Arts
Ethnic Studies Department, San Francisco State University
The Black Hour, Laney College
Journal of Pan African Studies
Academy of da Corner Reader's Theatre
San Francisco Recovery Theatre
Lower Bottom Playaz
Attorney Robert A. Ward
Aubrey LaBrie
Alona Clifton
Greg Bridges, KPFA
Kakakiki, Inc., Slave System

Information: jmarvinx@yahoo.com

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