Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Black Power Babies Meet in Brooklyn

Black Power Babies

An intergenerational discussion exploring living the legacy of a movement

Black Power Babies, the children of men and women active in the black power movement of 60s and 70s are now leaders in all aspects of society, e.g., business, arts, politics, academia, and beyond.  This panel will explore with personal accounts of Black Power Babies and their parent/s, how revolutionary thinking, activity and legacy has impacted a generation. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012
4:00 pm-- 6:00 pm

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation Skylight Gallery
1368 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Organizer Muhammida El Muhajir
and father Marvin X. This event
will also celebrate X's latest book
The Wisdom of Plato Negro
Music by Rudi Mwongozi on piano
Muhammida El Muhajir 
Creative Director 
Sun in Leo, Inc. 
o. 718 574 6331 
m. 718 496 2305 

Mahadevi El Muhajir, Black Power Baby 3.0, at 3 years old, she reads, writes, spells;
knows English, French and Chinese, a little Ebonics too.


Moderator – Muhammida El Muhajir (Brand Strategist, Filmmaker "Hip Hop the New World Order")

  • Oba Adejuyigbe Adefunmi II – King of Oyotunji African Village
  • Amina Baraka – Poet/Activist (Black Arts Movement)  & Sons
  • Francisco Mora Catlett  - Musician (son of activist/artists Elizabeth Catlett and Poncho Mora)
  • Carl Dix - Revolutionary Communist Party, served two years in prison opposing Vietnam war
  • Aaliyah Maydun – Media Professional (daughter of Gail Kenard, Black Panthers and artist/author Julian Madyun)
  • Nisa Ra – Entrepreneur, Filmmaker (Black Arts Movement)
  • Bunmi Samuel - Educator (son of Tunde Samuel, National Black Theater of Harlem)
  • Aishah Shahidah Simmons – Filmmaker, Cultural Worker
  • Michael Simmons – Human Rights Activist (SNCC)
  • Marvin X - Author, Poet. (Black Arts Movement, Nation of Islam)
  • Malika Iman, daughter of Yusef Iman, BAM actor, poet, singer, educator at the East

Also celebrating the latest book release from Marvin X, “The Wisdom of Plato Negro”

This is a free event with RSVP rsvp@suninleo.com

HRH Oba Adefunmi II, center, will attend

Special guest: the Oba (king)  of Oyotunji African Village, South Carolina, discussing the legacy of his father,  His Royal Majesty Oba Oseijeman Adefunmi I, who departed Harlem in 1970 to establish Oyotunji African Village in Sheldon, South Carolina.

Malika Iman, who has long strived to keep the legacy of her father alive, Yusef Iman, poet/actor/organizer, one of the founders of the Black Arts Movement and The East.

Other invited participants include Amiri and Amina Baraka, Amiri Middy Baraka, also the daughters of Malcolm X.

Amina Baraka was terrorized by the Newark Police and National Guard during the 1967 Rebellion.
Amiri Baraka was beaten severely. Mrs. Baraka says she shall attend and bring all her sons, if possible. "They all need healing and I suspect this is the forum to do it. I would like to see Fred Hampton, Jr. there also! A lot of these Black Power babies need healing along with their parents!"

Francisco Mora Catlett, son of BAM artist
Elizabeth Catlett Mora will participate

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