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Bay Area Celebrates Dr. Nathan Hare's 80th Birthday

Dr. Marvin X speaking at 80th Birthday Celebration for Dr. Nathan Hare at Geoffery's Inner Circle, downtown Oakland today.  As per his Community Archives Project, Marvin X told the audience, "When your elders die, don't throw away shit, e.g., letters, notes, diaries, photos, etc. This is Black history you are throwing into the trash--this is the real gold!" Marvin is working on the archives of Dr. Nathan Hare and Dr. Julia Hare. He asked the audience for assistance to complete the project that contains over 200 boxes of materials. Because of a health crisis, Dr. Nathan Hare and Dr. Julia Hare were not able to attend. The Hare's will be given a video of the party.

photo Reginald James

Some of those present include the following: Belva Davis and husband, Maxine and Will Ussery, Mr and Mrs. Oba T'shaka, Dr. Kenneth Montiero, Dr. Ruth Love, Benny Stewart, Abdul Sabry, Aubrey LaBrie, Norman Brown, Benny Stewart, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, Aries Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene White, Terry Collins, Dr. William Thomas, Tureeda Mikell, Mechelle LaChaux, Judge George Colbert, Mr. and Mrs. J. Vern Cromartie, Deborah James, Reginald James, Tahuti, Dhameera and Saadat Ahmad, Earl Davis, Tarika Lewis. Kenneth Johnson. Afua/Carol Yates, Rahim T. Ali, Gene Hazzard.

 Poets Tureeda Mikell, Ayodele Nzinga, and Marvin X join singer Michelle LaChaux and violinist Tarika Lewis in a free style tribute to Dr. Nathan Hare. photo Aries Jordan

Prosperity News Review: 

Dr. Nathan Hares 80th 

Birthday Celebration


Aries Jordan
special to Black Bird Press

On April 13, 2013 guests from all over the Bay Area and as far as England gathered at Geoffery's Inner Circle, downtown, Oakland, to celebrate the life and 80 year legacy of Dr. Nathan Hare. Dr. Hare, known as the “Father of the Black studies”, is one of the greatest philosophers and intellects on Black culture. 

photo Aries Jordan

Nathan Hare was the first coordinator of the Black studies program in the United States, at San Francisco State University in 1968. Dr. Hare is also the founding publisher of “The Black Scholar”, author of the "The Black Anglo-Saxons", “Miseducation of the Black Child” and countless other books. Dr. Hare founded the Black think Tank with his wife Julia Hare to promote a movement for better black male/female relationships . 

Dr. Hare has a long legacy of scholarship and dedication to the advancement of African Americans and the African Diaspora. His greatest achievement is his unwavering devotion to his wife of 57 years, Julia. The celebration was organized by Marvin X and The Community archives project. 

Dr. Nathan and Dr. Julia Hare were not in attendance due to a health crisis. Though they were not physically present, they were there in spirit. The Birthday Celebration was hosted by Dr. Ayodele Nzinga of the Lower Bottom Playas. Ayodele reminded the audience the importance of “celebrating the living Lions among us, while they are alive because they can’t smell the flowers when they are dead!” 

Libation was led by Dr. Oba T'shaka who paid homage to the ancestors that sacrificed their life to preserve the dignity and integrity of Black culture. The Program included live music from legendary trumpet player Earl Davis and a Birthday tribute by violinist Tureeka Lewis and Songstress Mechelle Lachaux.

Friends  and colleagues of the Hare Family took  stage to pay homage to the father of Black Studies who paved the way for ethnic studies around the world. BSU and SFSU strike leader, Benjamin Stewart, shared the impact Dr. Hare has had on Black consciousness and his role in the Black community. “Nathan remains accessible to the Black community; many of our Black scholars don’t take risk anymore like Dr.Hare did because they are not willing to sacrifice their tenure and comfort.” 

Many shared Dr. Nathan and Dr. Julia Hare’s commitment to Black love, their courage to bring forth a Black agenda, their Advancement of African thought/philosophy and commitment to the Black Community has profoundly impacted their lives. Bay area gems Marvin X, ToReadah Mikell, Mechelle Lachaux, Earl, Ayodele and Tarika did an impromptu dedication to the Hares that had everyone snapping and moving.

Marvin X is working on the archives of Dr. Nathan Hare and Dr. Julia Hare. He asked the audience for assistance to complete the project that contains over 200 boxes of materials. The Birthday celebration was taped by videographer Ken Johnson and the Hares will receive a copy. 

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