Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Recover from America's Addiction to Selective Suffering

"The murder of my child will not make your child safe."--James Baldwin

"I want Marvin X off campus (Fresno State University) by any means necessary."--Gov. Ronald Reagan, 1969

America and the West's addiction to selective suffering is full blown. Recovery from such selective suffering will involve long term treatment in a  confined situation, perhaps the entire nation will require the 13 step program I outlined in my book How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy. 

America's selective suffering involves the grand feature of addiction: denial! Rather than admit her sins, her history of slavery and genocide, she grovels in the grandiose fantasy of American Exceptionalism, the myth   that she is God's chosen people to dominate the world. Just as this chosen people myth will ultimately consume the nation of Israel, it will be the same end for America that closely imitates her Zionist allies. 

Of course, selective suffering is the notion that James Baldwin negated in his statement, "The murder of my child will not make your child safe." How often does America and the West sing "Silent Night" while it murder children, women and men around the world, in such places as Iraq, occupied Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen,
Somalia and other parts of Africa. These murders of innocents is mostly ignored in the grand scheme of combating terrorism. But who is the world's greatest terrorist? What nation has 700 military bases around the world to dominate the natural resources of other nations under the rubric of global free trade capitalism?
The free trade involves virtual slavery and the theft of the natural resources of nations. Who is the number one gun merchant of the world? America!

How hypocritical can America be to suggest gun control in the US? There shall be no gun control is a society founded on violence. I'm not speaking of the revolutionary violence for independence, but the raw genocide of the slave trade and the almost total elimination of the indigenous Native Americans. Does America have any intention to give reparations to the descendants of Africans who suffered the slave system? Will she 
grant true national sovereignty to the indigenous people? Will she grant citizenship to the 30 million descendants of America now called Mexicans?

Don't count on it anytime soon, for her concern is the pursuit of Exceptionalism which means the continued exploitation of the world, especially the notion that she is entitled to 25% of the world's energy while she is only 4% of the world's population. 

This collective insanity (see my In the Crazy House Called America) will continue with no abatement in sight. 
Any time America is attacked by foreign or domestic enemies, or when her children commit mass murder, her response is total shock and dismay. Yet she sings "Silent Night" while children in the hoods of America are murdered each night by themselves or the Gestapo police who are an occupying army in the hood, giving America its false sense of security that all is well, that violence in the hood shall never spill over into the suburbs and white communities. Imagine if 700,000 white boys were stopped and frisked in America. White people would be in enraged, ready for revolution, but they are like deaf mutes while minorities, soon to become majorities, suffer harassment under the color of law.

We cannot imagine the endgame for America, for its abdominal sins done, sadly, in the name of God and so called Christianity, a Christianity that has nothing to do with the teachings of the man called Jesus Christ. Can we imagine Jesus Christ enslaving people, lynching people, cutting off the hands of people if they learned how to read? Can we imagine Jesus Christ dropping an atomic bomb on people, using depleted uranium to murder people in wars for oil? As Rev. James Cone told Bill Moyers, America will not come out of her selective suffering, her addiction to white supremacy, her delusional idea that she is exceptional, until she comes to understand the relationship between the cross and the lynching tree, until she understands that strange fruit Billie Holiday told us about.
--Marvin X

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