Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dr. Hare's 80th Birthday, A photo essay by Gene Hazzard

Attorney Aubrey LaBrie, one of the founders of the San Francisco State University Black Students Union, a founding editor of Black Dialogue Magazine. Aubrey taught class on Black Nationalism at SFSU. He organized student march protesting the assassination of Malcolm X. Marvin X, SFSU undergrad, was in the march, 1965.

Tureeda Mikell, Mechelle LaChaux, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, Tarika Lewis
free styling for Dr. Hare

Mechelle LaChaux, a living legend singer/actress

 Tureeda Mikell, the preacher lady

 poet/organizer, educator Marvin X

 Earl Davis, trumpet master, performed with Marvin X at Black Arts West Theatre, SF 1966
Earl and his wife were clients of Dr. Hare. After seeing Dr. Hare, their marriage lasted twenty years.

 Marvin X's assistant, Rahim Ali, MX, Benny Stewart, SFSU BSU founder/strike leader

Bay Area media living legend, Belva Davis and husband, William V. "Bill" Moore, photo journalist extraordinaire

Mrs. Dhameera Ahmad, one of the founding SFSU BSU students and strike leaders

Nzinga Hogan, United Kingdom, studied the writings of Dr. Hare in England
Man in the back is Dr. Kenneth Monteiro, Chair, Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University. Seated in purple dress is Dr. Ruth Love, former Superintendent of Oakland Public School.

Far left, Harpist from the Hood, Destiny Muhammad, man on right Dr. J. Vern Cromartie,
Chair, Social Science Department, Contra Costa College, former client of Dr. Hare. Next to
him is Will Ussery, leader of the Congress of Racial Equality and Director of SF Poverty Program

SFSU Professor emeritus, Dr. Oba T'Shaka, former member of C.O.R.E SF


Benny Stewart, BSU and SFSU strike leader

Violinist Tarika Lewis, first female member of the Black Panther Party

Queen Sister

Saadat Ahmad, photo editor of Black Dialogue Magazine

Poet Rabbani Sela

Painter Malik Seneferu

Muhammad Al Kareem, founder of the SF Bayview Newspaper. A graphic artist, he designed books for Dr. Nathan Hare and Dr. Julia Hare

UC Berkeley student, writer, Reginald James

 Unidentified African Queen

Poet Aries Jordan, a student at Marvin X's Academy of da Corner

Marvin X and his student, Aries Jordan. Did you get an education
today, Aries?

Byron Murrill, Marvin X's cousin from Sacramento. 

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  1. It was a wonderful event. Very educational and inspirational.