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Happy Birthday Dr. Nathan Hare, Ancestor Paul Robeson and Ras Baraka

Happy 80th Birthday, Dr. Nathan Hare, Father of Black Studies

Happy 80th Birthday Dr. Nathan Hare

Geoffery's Club
410 14th St., Oakland
Saturday, April 13, 2013








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For information: 510-200-4164

Dr. Hare on the Hare Papers

Looks great so far as it went. What you have in those boxes, as you know, is not the whole or the best of what’s in the apartment, let alone the entire stash.

FYI. I have been written about with Martin Luther King and Floyd McKissick in the official FBI Newsletter, May 23, 1967,  at the end of co-leading the campus uprising at Howard toward a black university relevant to the black community and its needs in the face of an announcement in 1966 to make it “Sixty Percent White by 1970) anticipating the riots that came that summer.  

I have published in Newsweek (debating RoyWilkins, NAACP), Massachusetts Review, the London times, Social Forces, Social Education, Saturday Review, Saturday Evening Post, U. S. News and World Report, Esquire’s “Thirteen Top Black Scholars.” Negro History Bulletin, Journal of Negro Education, Graduate Journal, Liberal Education, ad infinitum, the periodical Black Male/Female Relationships, The Black Think Tank.

Julia was named by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1966 as the “Outstanding Young Educator” (35 and under) for every grade level for the whole of the District of Columbia’ public school system.  She also was included in Ebony’s “150 Most Influential African-Americans” circa 2008. Multiple times “Ten Most Influential African-Americans in the Bay Area” from City Flight Magazine. She and John Hope Franklin are among those who have been conducted into Tulsa’s Booker T. Washington Hall of Fame. Currently integrated but still rated as one of the top high schools in the country. Julia grew up playing piano and organ for the Mt. zion Baptist Church, which was bombed from the air, the only instance in American history. She also was university organist while still a student. She was also voted the Best Girl Dancer and Most Popular Girl at Langston.

I have won distinguished awards, including the highest given , lifetime achievement, from the National Association of Black Sociologists, and National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame, black psychologists, National Council for Black Studies (twice),  etc.

I was on the Steering Committee of the First and Third National Black Power Conferences. (Newark and Philadelphia, respectively). Also The First National Black United Front founded by a former student, Stokely Carmichael.

I was a distinguished visiting scholar at Stanford on the Sixties, Julia and I have been Distinguished Visiting Scholars at the University of Pennsylvania, Stillman (Alabama) and Lane (Tennesee).

I have keynoted the Fourth National Conference of Afroamerican Writers as well as the National Conference of Black studies. I was on the North America Zonal Committee of the Second  World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC), held in Lagos. I was an invited by the Organization of African Unity (OAU) as an observer at the First World Festival of Arts and Culture (Algiers).

I was a professional boxer in D.C. and Maryland (featured on the cover of Jet, in Ebony, Sepia, NET (National Educational Television). Made for TV Movie “Color Us Black).”

Julia aspired to be an actor later in life and had among her credits a  bit part with Jackie Gleason in “Mr. Billion. She was or is a member of SAG, AFTRA, and
Was for three years Director of Community Affairs for KSFO radio (Cowboy Gene Autry’ station) for ten years. Was on the air in a morning drive in dialogue with Don Sherwood. She was also a Talk Show host for three years at KGO Radio, the ABC Station.

I did two Ph.D. theses.  My master’s thesis, ”A Study of the Professional Boxer” (1957) anticipated sports sociology and sports psychology. Translated in several languages and included in several anthologies, including Abraham Chapman’s, Mentor Book, “New Black Voices” (featured on the cover).

We lived through segregation in the South until the 1960s. I served in the U.S. Army, though a resister in my way before it was popular. The only person I know who got drafted and got the orders canceled. Also, when I saw proof of service in the early 1980s the Army had no record of ever discharging me. I achieved Sharpshooter ranking without completing the shooting involved.

We will come across documentation of such as the above in the final gathering of the archives.

For your personal information, be advised that I fully intend to complete the autobiography myself (hence “auto”) before I croak. For I have miles to go before I sleep, despite the fact that there are several things that might be good enough to take me out.  One month from now, on Paul Robeson’s birthday, I will be 80.  If I manage to finish the autobiography, you would then be encouraged to do a biography, as materials and notes would be left over from the autobiography, aside from all the gossip, lies and scuttlebutt you might gather as well.


In assembling the Dr. Nathan Hare and Dr. Julia Hare papers, we found Nathan's professional boxing robe.  The Bay Area will celebrate the 80th birthday of Dr. Nathan Hare, our Franz Fanon, on Saturday, April 13, 3-5pm at Geoffery's Club, 410 14th Street @ Franklin, downtown Oakland. 
photo Marvin X

 Paul Robeson "The Artistic Freedom Fighter"

                        City Councilman Ras Baraka 
The Next Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
Newark will celebrate the birthday of Ras Baraka
on Friday, April 12, at the home of his parents,
Mrs. Amina Baraka and Mr. Amiri Baraka,
808 S. 10th Street, Newark, NJ.

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