Friday, February 14, 2014

For all the beautiful queens, wives, lovers, partners

For all the beautiful queens
black and beautiful
strong warrior women
lovers supreme
who make us come correct
stand us tall 
when we stumble get weak kneed
who whisper and we are superman
ready to leap tall buildings
climb mountains without fear

                               when we touch them 
they are superwoman 
ready to challenge the world
for all the women living dead 
who gave us beautiful children
and we stayed to raise them
no matter the price

                             for the beautiful women
who hate weak men
men who play and run
players who get played in the end

                                  for all the women
who find themselves
apart from us
dare to dream
fulfill their dreams
despite our ignorance
jealousy envy

                          who study during mama time
or anytime
steal moments from husband and babies
who grow wise and share knowledge
with husbands children 
who loved the sisterhood
and brotherhood

                     making us all strong and balanced
completing the revolution
of self, family, community nation.
all praise is due 
for your unconditional love and devotion.

              Women who take us back again and again
when we should get tossed into the woodpile
for women alone but not lonely
who make time work
not work for time

                             who vision as we vision
know history  future
standing tall on shoulders of
those who came before
mama, granny, great granny

no matter the challenge

                            let us walk this last mile
together black and beautiful
                                    hand in hand
to that great camp meeting
                               in the promised land.

--Marvin X

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