Friday, February 28, 2014

Marvin X rocks University of California, Black Arts Movement Conference

Marvin X told the audience at the BAM reception to lighten up on conference planner Kim McMillan.  He first declared BAM is a revolutionary movement and must be seen in this light, not as some art for art sake or Negro Renaissance that patronized white people. He thanked UC Merced for having the nerve to bring a group of uppity Blacks to the little country town of Merced. This was a bold move on their part and we congratulate them but they put too much pressure on Kim. He told how other sisters were destroyed by the hostile environment of the UC system, including, e.g., UC professors VeVe Clark, Barbara Christian, June Jordan and Sherley Ann Williams, all deceased. So don't mess with Kim, he told the mostly white audience. Don't make me bring the BAM army back to UC Merced.
While in Harlem for a reception in his honor, Marvin X told the folks that UC was stressing out Kim. We got Kim on the phone and a brother told her to stand tall because she was standing on the shoulders of the ancestors. The BAM conference begins at 9am on Saturday and runs through Sunday afternoon.

UC Professor/author Sherley Ann Williams, deceased

 UC Professor VeVe Clark, deceased

UC Professor Barbara Christian, deceased

UC Professor/BAM poet June Jordan, deceased

 UC Merced graduate student and BAM project director, Kim McMillan


  1. Art has always beloned to the people, African art was always an integral part of the society.Europeon art was very different, it was separate they created art for arts sake. To the Africans it was his culture a symbiotic liaison not a separate entity as in europeon art. The traditional music, dances,mask and songs are all one under the African sky.We wore our art on our sleeves. We became our art. We had a momentary sepation across the ocean but the tradition continued, you simply can't separate art from the African spirit, we are the canvas, brush, paint and easel we're total in our life form. .

  2. Art is self expression it's a reflection of who you are, it's about truth when you create you're being totally honest with your creator. As an artist I work from my brain as I notice similarities in my creation and those of my ancestors.These are not coincidences- each person is instrusted with spirits that are with them from child birth and never leave even in death the spirit lives. The body is a temporary temple, the soul is everlasting life.

  3. So Glad the Conference was a success Marvin X. I'm really surprised that this Politically Motivated County of Merced which I live in allowed this event to take place!!! Knowing what I know about the undercover racisms in the county, I believe Kim went through pure hell...But at the End of the Day it was a success!!! The saddest part about the whole Event is the lack of support given from the Black People in this County who had the Power to make a big difference in Kim's frustration...Don't worry about Kim she will get over it @ Least we know now where the so called UNITY is in Merced & who not to trust. So I'll take the lead to it's just the beginning Letz Do It!!!
    "All Power To The People" ~Renee'