Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Marvin X reads and discusses his controversial Mythology of Pussy and Dick, Joyce Gordon Gallery, June 28, 3pm.

 Young couple with their copy of X's controversial pamphlet Mythology of Pussy and Dick

Young lady from the ATL met her boyfriend at X's Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, Oakland

Marvin X reads and discusses his controversial book (expanded from the 18 page pamphlet to 400 pages, to be published soon) The Mythology of Pussy and Dick, a biblo-therapeutic rites of passage for males and females--also for same gender loving persons. If you read it, you will never be the same!

This afternoon with the ever provocative Marvin X takes place at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, 14th and Franklin Streets, downtown Oakland, 3pm. Admission $20.00,  includes copy of original pamphlet and DVD of performance. 

Seating is limited. Call 510-200-4164 for information and reservation. Adult language but recommended for all ages and genders. A sixteen year old female said she wished she had read the pamphlet when she was eight! 

It could have helped O.J. Simpson, General Petreas, Secret Service agents, President Clinton, Mike Tyson, the sexually assaulters in the US military, Boko Haram, the Taliban, the young man who killed seven people because he couldn't find a girlfriend, et al. Those religious puritans and politically correct so called radicals who object to my objectification of males and females have surely heard not to judge a book by the cover! According to Paradise Jah Love, "The young people fight over this little pamphlet as if it were black gold." 

 Marvin X addressing a class at the University of Houston on his controversial pamphlet. In Oakland, adults told Marvin they observed young people sitting on the street reading his pamphlet intently.
In 2009, Marvin X lectured for a week at Howard University on MOPD. What do you think is the chief topic of concern where the women outnumber the men 14 to 1?

 Marvin X and San Francisco's Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has had his share of problems with MOPD

Marvin X's students at his Academy of da Corner, Aries and Toya, performed in the DVD version of MOPD.

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