Saturday, June 14, 2014

Marvin X: The subject is Dante

Marvin X spoke in Fresno for Black History Month, he returned for Juneteenth

Marvin X at Fresno CA Juneteenth: Dante is my subject today

After opening remarks, Marvin X declared his subject today is Dante. We want to talk about Dante. The whole world is concerned about Dante. President Obama has a program for Dante. The schools and prisons are having a time with Dante. The community is in terror of Dante. Dante has many issues: he wants to wear his pants hanging off his behind. Now who wants to see his funky ass, who wants to see his dirty drawers, he told the audience in his hometown in the central valley that gathered to celebrate Juneteenth. And you OGs are afraid of Dante, afraid to say a word to him. Marvin declared 99% of time he tells Dante to pull his pants up, he does so, sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a laugh. Sometimes Dante will walk pass and he will read my mind and pull up his pants, without me saying a word, eye contact worked.

They say Dante is ignut, mentally retarded, suffers attention deficient disorder, to say nothing of his full blown addiction to white supremacy. Yet Dante is a genius, he can rap for hours without missing a line, but the schools can't get him to read and write, yet he can rap endlessly.

They (and who is the mythical they?) say Dante is useless and shiftless, yet he has created hip hop culture emulated and imitated around the world. Although there are those who denounce the word Nigguh, Dante has made Nigguh a multimillion dollar word, and every body in the world, those in youth culture, call themselves Nigguh, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Arabs. Everybody wants to be a Nigguh except certain Nigguhs. Marvin X was informed after his speech that some in the audience departed because of his usage of the N word. In Marvin's world, he isn't being effective if some in the audience are not provoked to leave, sometimes screaming, hollering and tearing off their clothes! Such was the reaction to his recovery classic One Day in the Life.

He said Dante is valuable commodity who is now traded on the stock exchange, similar to oil, hogs, beef and corn. He is worth $60,000 per year per inmate incarcerated. Marvin said why not send them to Harvard, it has free admission for the poor. If they go to Harvard, they can learn how be real criminals, thieves, robbers and pimps. Harvard will make them global bandits, like President Obama, who walks about checking off his kill list weekly. But Dante wants to be a petty killer, a petty pimp, who terrorizes the hood but won't cross the line to kill white people. He will beat his woman have to death because he thinks he owns her body, especially her pussy that he claims is his, but he doesn't have a pussy, Dante doesn't bleed five days a month.

Dante wants to pimp his woman, even his sister and first cousin, even his moma, yeah, he pimps on a bicycle while living at his mama's house! Dante, please go to Harvard so you can learn how to pimp like the big boys!

Nigguh wanna pimp
can you pimp a Jew
can you pimp Arabia
Africa, Latin America
can you pimp teachers
preachers politicians judges
nigguh wanna pimp
nigguh please....
can you pimp the father, son and holy ghost
nigguh wanna pimp, yeah....

Marvin X told of speaking with youth at the Riker's Island youth prison in New York. He asked the youth how much it cost to keep them in prison for a year. One said ten thousand, another said twenty thousand, but a guard said $60,000. And the boot camp cost more, but if one graduated, he was provided a free college education. Think Dante took advantage of it, of course not, once Dante was back in the hood with the hood rats.

As we said, Dante is really a genius, a very smart guy, so smart he outsmarts himself. Then he wants to write Marvin X for books, free of course, but Dante adds his commissary lists. Marvin X said he doesn't mind sending books but he ain't filling out no commissary requests.

He asked the audience who visits Dante, who puts money on his books? His mama and his girl, rarely does his father visit him. Actually, she mother is mother and father. Marvin X said it was so in his case growing up, but he managed to come out all right, the author of thirty books. For sure, he said, this society does not want Dante to be another Marvin X or Malcolm X, or George Jackson or Tookie Williams. Any potential persons of this type are tracked from childhood like prison prophet Mumia Abu Jamal who was tracked from the age of 14. As was noted at his 60th birthday celebration in Philly, Mumia is free (he who is free in mind is free indeed--he just needs to be released).

Marvin's talk was interrupted with music, signaling his time was up, even though he was the featured speaker and rappers had been on stage talking loud but saying nothing for an extensive amount of time. He ended by noting that there had be 28 shootings in 30 days in Fresno, but not one white man had been killed. He was later informed the people at the police booth were disturbed. There were those who went to his defense. NAACP President Pamela Young said, "We know how Marvin is, Marvin was just Marvin." A Mexican lady came to his booth afterwards to tell him how much she appreciated his remarks and that youth need to hear him but she only objected to his use of the N word. And so it is.

Let's see what happens Sunday at Berkeley's Juneteenth. Marvin X will kickoff the event at 12 noon with a reading. Berkeley Juneteenth is at Adeline and Alcatraz, south of the ASHBY BART station.

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