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The American Beast in the Middlle East

photo Gene Hazzard

We told you years ago the war in Iraq would not truly begin until the Americans departed, that she had opened Pandora's box of sectarianism and added flames to the fires burning in Bait Islam, reigniting centuries old schisms within the Islamic world, especially between Sunni and Shia, the fundamental sectarian divide that occurred on the death of Prophet Muhammad.

Today that divide has expanded to a geo-political war between all those of almost any religious persuasion, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim. America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, the Gulf Nations, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and others are sharpening their knives for the slaughter of innocents, all those simple human beings caught in the sectarian and geo-political gamesmanship.

We understand President Obama is considering providing the necessary military support so the Shia regime in Iraq can withstand the Sunni uprising, that has its roots in Saudi Arabia, Israel and America. America is playing both sides of the fence in the Sunni/Shia conflict. Sadly, the common people in the Middle East have almost no voice in events that have clearly gone beyond their simple cries for so-called democracy, human rights  and non-violence.
--Marvin X

The American Beast in the Middle East

 Cover art by Emory Douglas, Black Panther Minister of Culture

 When we examine the deep structure of events in North Africa and the Middle East, we must come to understand that America is the primary reason the oppressive regimes in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman have continued their wickedness for decades. It is billions in America military aid that has gone to stem internal threats rather than external. Many of these nations have participated in American state terrorism, torturing not only their own citizens who sought liberation, but serving as dungeons for the behavior modification of so-called Muslim fundamentalists.

The American beast is thus directly responsible for the long suffering of the Middle Eastern masses now demanding freedom. Of course America has her strategic interests, namely oil and the defense of Israel. For these objectives, she conspired in the oppression of the millions of North African and Arab peoples. Thus she cannot be an honest broker, her hands are tainted with the blood of martyrs.

Whatever political institutions the people decide, whether secular or Islamic, it is no business of America, her political/economic interests be damned. Who is she to determine the destiny of other human beings in other lands, especially after her track record of wretchedness abroad and at home? There are presently 2.4 million persons incarcerated in the American gulags, Constitutional wards of the American slave system. Prisoners are a commodity on the stock exchange, traded like oil, hogs, and beef.

Angela Davis, Marvin X and Sonia Sanchez call for peace in the Middle East, but peace with justice for all, especially in occupied Palestine. These three freedom fighters also call for the liberation of all political prisoners.
It would be wise to give a general amnesty to all prisoners, since the majority of them are petty criminals, i.e., economic criminals, of which 90% suffered drug abuse at the time of their arrests. Furthermore, perhaps half are dual diagnosed, suffering drug abuse and mental illness, to say nothing of the glaring fact that too many lacked proper legal representation.

The American beast should immediately pull out of all nations in Africa and the Middle East since her hands are tainted along with those of all the petty tyrants in the area, the sheiks, presidents for life, kings and prime ministers. As they are forced from the scene of history, the American beast must depart as well. But we know the nature of the Beast is to linger, to transform itself into another persona of beneficence, yet wickedness shall linger in the deep structure, for we know political/economic interests outweigh any honest desire for democracy.
--Marvin X

Marvin X's 1968 chapbook Fly to Allah established him as the father of Muslim American literature, according to Dr.  Mohja Kahf, professor of English and Islamic literature at the University of Arkansas. All the Black poets of the 1960s were inspired by Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. Thus, North American African poets are the foundation of the literary genre known as Muslim American literature.

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