Sunday, June 8, 2014

Emory Douglas exhibit reception at the Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland

Marvin X and revolutionary artist Emory Douglas celebrate the opening of Emory's exhibit at Oakland's Joyce Gordon Gallery last night. They have been friends since Emory walked into the Black House, a political/cultural center founded by Marvin X and Eldridge Cleaver, 1967. The Black House was an extension of the Black Arts Movement. From Black House, Emory and Eldridge would join the Black Panther Party. Marvin X joined the Nation of Islam but continued his work in the Black Arts Movement. In honor of Emory and the 60s generation, Marvin X read his poem We Are the 60s. He was accompanied by singer Rashidah Sabreen.

Cover art by Emory

The Emory Douglas exhibit runs from June 6 thru June 28. Marvin X will appear at the Joyce Gordon Gallery on Saturday, June 28, 3pm, reading and discussing his controversial and provocative pamphlet The Mythology of Pussy and Dick. At the reception for Emory last night, a long time friend told Marvin, "You know I hesitated reading your pamphlet for a long time, but recently I read it and it saved my life!" Admission is $20.00, includes pamphlet and DVD of dramatic reading performed during Occupy Oakland at Marvin's Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway. Call 510-200-4164 for information and reservations. Seating is limited. The Joyce Gordon Gallery is located at 14th and Franklin, downtown Oakland. 

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