Thursday, August 21, 2014

Minister Farrakhan responds to Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson

There are two choices in this matter. Mumia calls for an independent collective. The other alternative is to demand the US do for the hoods what the US did in Iraq and is doing in Afghanistan to stop violence. They gave the so called insurgents three things to lay down their arms: housing, education and jobs. This is the solution for the hood, but the top priority is community security. The young men and women can secure the community. Thus, there is no need for police unless called upon by community security forces. ALSO, THERE IS NO NEED FOR THE DOPE MAN TO BE THE NUMBER ONE EMPLOYER OF YOUTH. IF YOUTH CAN SELL DOPE, THEY CAN SELL ANY AND EVERYTHING.--Marvin X

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  1. A very important question is, how will the murder of Michael Brown galvanize citizens? Furthermore what are the implications of realizing the very real fact that within our society a free unarmed citizen can be stopped, gunned down and murdered in the streets of America by an officer of the “Law”. Will this criminal act of violence be a call to citizens throughout the nation that our government and the system of laws we are under no longer and possibly have never served our true interest? Citizens may begin to ask, how did such a environment come into existence. Revolution may be required.