Wednesday, August 6, 2014

People need to know there are angels in this world

People need to know there are angels in this world
i mean this must be basic spiritual knowledge
we don't know the beggar on the street is working for God
when we curse the beggar we curse God
surely the Higher Power can come in the guise of a beggar
how will we treat this Higher Power
testing us on the divine personality
yet you curse and spit upon the least of these?
no, oh, wretched one
you are not ready for the upper room in my father's house
dwell a little more in the dungeon
taste the cup of wine from the lower world
it is not the taste of honey
it is bitter
not the taste of God
but let the angels come forth
oh, they have been in my life
those who know me know my angels
everyone of them
men and women who loved me unconditionally
who blessed me in the name of God
even when I was wretched and undeserving of such blessings.
Oh, angels, come forth in radical light
let it shine
let it shine
let it shine.
 This is a scene from the Retreat to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy Type II. Marvin X facilitated this at his writing retreat in Northern California where he lived in solitude for five years and wrote five books.Dr. Ayodele Nzinga ,left, and Hunia, right, were transformed during this ritual from their addiction to white supremacy type II (Dr. Nathan Hare term)
Yes, these are two angels that have watched over me. And I watched over them as well. Steel sharpens steel! And yes, these are strong warrior women. 

My angel was so beautiful
a love beyond this world and the next
she gave me her love because she was a lover
lovers love and love and love
let us all be lovers
let us love and love and love
the angels are watching
they record every word I say
they study every word I write
ask them
they will tell you so
they tell me!
--Marvin X

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