Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More on The Gaza Concentration Camp, Marvin X

Imagine, you live in the Gaza Concentration Camp. A family prison with no outlet to the world by land, air or sea. You are a prisoner in the Big Yard as they call the ghettoes of America, quite similar to the Gaza Concentration Camp. Even when the brothers have the means to leave the hood, they may rent an expansive car, yet they dare not let the enemy catch them out of their turf,  so they  drive around the block, being sure not to travel beyond their turf.

In Gaza the enemy has dared to occupy and demand demilitarization, which we know is an impossibility.

Let us go to the American civil war in which 200,000 North American Africans took up arms for the cause of America, yet were made to disarm and thus any thought of self determination for North American Africans has been totally useless as per the liberation of our people from post slavery slavery or so called Jim Crow culture after Chattel Slavery outright (personal property slavery).

If two thousand men, women and children had to sacrifice their lives so the Gaza Concentration Camp can be liberated, then such is the price!

Think about all the children in America who are sex slaves like those on Oakland's International Blvd. Don't mention the Bokoo Haram in Nigerian, but think about the children of America as sex slaves, many of them children is foster care. I am trying to unravel the conundrum of life as a foster child, not wanted by father or mother. Was I guilty of child abuse and neglect. During my crack years in the Tenderloin of San Francisco, I used to see a billboard at the bus stop that said if you don't call your child, that is child abuse!

Let us understand all women aren't mothers, all men aren't fathers. How can you be a father or mother if you never had a father and mother? And so we have a situation in the world that is in flux and fluid, while children need simple love.

Baldwin told us the murder of my child will not make your child safe, so think about it. Your children can live only if all children can live, there are no exceptions or exceptionalism.

The Gaza children must have a life along with the children in Israel. But Marcus Garvey told us 100 years ago, no justice no peace. When  we hear the Zionists talking about justice and peace, there shall be a true deal in the works for a nation called Palestine.
--Marvin X/El Muhajir

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