Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Part II: People need to know there are angels in the world

Yes, there are angels in the world
some look like bums of the week
Huey Newton was an angel
in the end
looked like a bum of the week
I told him so
in our last meeting
West Oakland crack house
don't talke about Huey
don't say a motherfuckin thang about Huey
He did was God sent him to do
arm the Black Nation when it was the thang ta do
thank you solider
thank you
thank you all the sisters and brothers in the Black Panther Party
thank you for your sacrifice
thank you for taking the blows of the white man off the people
yes, you absorbed the blows that would have gone as whip lashes on the masses.
thank you BPP soldiers, workers,
you gave sweat blood and tears
we love you
in our heart of hearts we love you Black Panther Party
no matter your faults
what about your victories'
feeding the hungry children breakfast
medical clinics
ambulance services for da hood
Black Panther newspaper
Black man on world stage global
Huey with Yasser Arafat, Cho En Lai
Eldridge with General Giap, Kim El Sun
what manner of men were these
so called criminals, global diplomats?
What shit is this?
ghetto nigguhs gone international
It is what it is.

--Marvin X

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