Saturday, December 5, 2015

Black Arts Movement Distrtict tentative Agenda for City of Oakland Plannning Meeting, December 7, 2015

1. The need for the BAM land trust is top priority. Just as the Eastside Arts Cultural Center is under a land trust, we want a parity of buildings in the BAM District under the land trust. We call upon Black developers to work with us, e.g., Amy Groves and/or Thomas Dolan. Foundations can help us secure buildings in the BAM District, investment bankers, Silicon Valley corporations can assist us, e.g., Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, et al.

Municipal bonds can be sold to acquire properties. Bonds attorney Amira Jackmon suggests creating jobs for BAM people as bonds salespeople.

We need an assessment of City of Oakland properties that BAM District can acquire for performance space, artist space and housing, businesses, including proposed buildings at 14th and Alice that we understand are part of the Oakland Downtown Plan.

2. Banners up before Xmas along the BAM corridor. Let us start with the Red, Black and Green that Marcus Garvey created during the Harlem Renaissance. We have added the heart because all we do we do in the name of love.

3. Immediately establish the African Women’s Market for vendor’s along the corridor. We suggest a pilot project between Clay and Franklin. We suggest women from the African Diaspora Bazaar organize and operate the African Women’s Market, under the leadership of Aishah Boone.

4. Develop the BAM Business Plan and incorporation papers. Establish Board of Directors and project directors for the various BAM entities. Separate profit from non profit projects.

5. Organize the BAM Union of Artists, modeled after the National Writers Union, AFL/CIO. The Union of Artists will be a membership organization to promote the works of artists in all genres, painters, poets, writers, playwrights, dancers, musicians, graphic artists, directors, technicians. The union will help artists in legal matters such as contracts, royalties, commissions, grants, loans, housing, publishing, printing, exhibits, housing, emergency funds, health insurance, life insurance, mental health and physical health matters.

6. Immediate BAM planning grant so we can work on making the BAM District a reality at the earliest.

7. Tour guides hired for BAM District tours ASAP.

8. Create employment opportunities for artists, craftpersons, entrepreneurs, youth and children.

9. Partner with business community for expertise, especially the African American Chamber of Commerce and the Oakland Chamber of Commerce.

10. Students from the College of Alameda have asked to partner with BAM to establish the BAM Love Zone, a sacred space for lovers only. We would hope the entire BAM District would be a Love Zone.

11. Establish a BAM General Assembly of all BAM members.
12. Establish Elders Council to advise
13. Women’s Council
14. Young Adult Council
15. Children’s Council

These are some of my thoughts. Please let me know your thoughts or agenda items that you feel should be a priority for the December 7 meeting.
—Marvin X, BAM Planner

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