Saturday, December 5, 2015

Meaning of the Red, Black and Green Flag

The Red Black and Green flag is an act of love. Prior to the flag, there was a song called Everybody got a flag except a Coon. Marcus Garvey then presented the Red Black and Green to show the world Africans have a flag, Red for the blood shed, Black for the people, Green for the land we must have as a nation of people. We add the heart for the precious love in our lives. God is Love, so we are in God, God is within us.

The Red Black And Green is sacred to us. We honor the tri colors and want the world to know we are a nation of people under the Red Black And Green. We see the Red Black Green flying coast to coast as we strive toward freedom in the present era. We ask the children to accept the heart in the Red Black and Green as per the Black Arts Movement District. Why the heart?

The heart has been an essential part of the Black Arts Movement/Black Liberation Movement, i.e., Black Power Movement. Revolution is for love, love of family, love of community, love of self, but love always and forever, love. No hate up in here, only love survives and transcends hate, jealously, envy. Let us then move beyond hatred, beyond jealousy, envy toward the pure sprit of love.

Let the BAM banner fly up and down the BAM District. Let the people know they are loved. Let the people know they have a sacred space. Let them know there is a space where their bodies are sacred and holy and will not be violated. Let the people know there is a space where their creativity is respected; where their economic genius is respected, especially in the BAM African Market Women’s Bazaar along the BAM corridor, which they shall organize and operate, in the African/Afrikan tradition
Let the artists form the Union of BAM Artists. Let the business people from their association. Perhaps there must be a General Assembly of Black Arts Movement associates. Let us do this now and for the the generations to come. Ache.

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