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Black Bird Press News & Review: Mythology of Pussy and Dick

Black Bird Press News & Review: Mythology of Pussy and Dick

Marvin X received a call from his Philly representative, Elliot Bey, a musical genius who refuses to play with anyone except Marvin X. See him accompanying Marvin in the Jazz classic Marvin X Live at Warm Daddies, Philadelphia, accompanied by Sun Ra's master musicians Marshall Allen, Danny Thompson, along with bagpipe master Rufus Harley, drummer Alexander El and djembe master Ancestor Goldsky. Bey also performed with Marvin X at the Kings and Queens of Black Consciousness Concert, McKenna Theatre, San Francisco State University, April 1, 2001.

While awaiting Marvin's return to Philly, Eliot spends his time at the poker table because he finds it sociable, people converse about many things and inquire about the life of fellow poker players. Elliot is a student shock jock of Marvin's, so he awaits questions from his fellow poker players. Eventually they ask him what's he into? He loves to shock them by pulling out a copy of Mythology of Pussy and Dick, Marvin's classic 18 page pamphlet on psycho-social sexuality. In essence, it is a balm in Giliad for those suffering in relationships.

 It is biblotherapy for those trapped in the patriarchal mythology of male domination or domination by any gender. Marvin frees the young and old, Black and White from the addiction to patriarchal domination or the desire to treat mates as chattel property or personal property. The young and old praise Marvin for his liberating pamphlet. A young man came to Marvin after he read the pamphlet and said, "Thank you, thank you, Marvin X, you took so much pressure off me. Now I can live since I realize I don't own something that I thought I owned.

An elder told Marvin, "Marvin, I hate to admit it but I learned something from your little book."
A 16 year old female said, "I read your book with my mother. Some things we agreed with and some we didn't. I didn't know I had so much power. I wish I'd read it when I was eight years old."
Now after White people read it, many invariably said, "This is not for Black people, this is for White people!" One of Marvin's literary agents said this.

Once Elliot Bey called his mentor and said, "Marvin, a White man read it at the poker table and told me this ain't for Black people, this is for Whites!"

A few days ago, Elliot from Philly to tell Marvin, "You ain't gonna believe this, Marvin. I made copies of Mythology of Dick and Pussy and took them the Casino where I play poker regularly. I showed your pamphlet to one man. He immediately stopped playing to read the pamphlet. Then other players wanted a copy, so Elliot ran to his car to get more copies. When the people started reading the poker game was halted. The house man had to tell Elliot, "Please don't bring any more books to my poker game. You see the people stop playing."

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