Sunday, December 20, 2015

How does it feel to be treated like a nigguh?

You do not eat when hungry
do not consume water when thirsty
Oh, how does it feel to be treated
like a nigguh
to be wanted watched betrayed
mocked derided
your presence
"crime against the state"
no rest no space
how does it feel to be treated
like a nigguh
they convinced you
you are above nigguhs
nigguhs ain't shit
pimp them rob them
beat them kill them
worthless things
even God rejected
you were told
then it was your turn
to be a nigguh
sand nigguh
sikh nigguh african nigguh

no prayin on the street nigguh
no prayin on the job nigguh
no fly list nigguh
no internet nigguh
how does it feel
down in the bones
in the blood
clothes give suspicion
face hidden
are you a bank robber
act like a European
act like a nigguh
head bowed
slow walk
blues smile
why do you have a bomb in your backpack
didn't we allow you here
didn't that nigguh woman invite you with open arms
pray to jesus
forget allah
it's jesus now
so what if we don't believe in jesus
you better
allah don't work here
get over it
blend in submit
yeah be like toby
or go home
take that nigguh with you!
--Marvin X

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