Friday, December 9, 2016

BAMBD and Community meet on benefits package with developers Carmel

 photo Standing Rock, The Movement News

The Black Arts Movement Business District held the first round of negotiations with the Carmel Group, developers of the parking  garage at 14th and Franklin in the BAMBD, downtown Oakland. The conversation included representatives of non-profit groups and business persons in the  BAMBD: the Lower Bottom Playaz, Betti Ono Gallery, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Academy of da Corner, BAOBAB, Regina's Corner, Malonga Cultrural Center, Eastside Arts and the Ghost Ship.

 photo Standing Rock, The Movement News

BAMBD lead planners, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, Eric Arnold and Marvin X represented the views and concerns of  BAMBD which included low income housing and retail space, parking, jobs and job training, impact on rents and other issues.
 photo Standing Rock, The Movement News

It was a very amicable meeting without the hostility that usually exists between developers and the community. When BAMBD planner Marvin X asked if Carmel would consider BAMBD as an investment partner for a low income housing component to their project, the developers said absolutely they would consider such a proposal, along with other adjustments to their design plans. BAMBD's architectural consultant, Fred Smith was present and will meet with BAMBD at the earliest to draft BAMBD's design changes. for submission to Carmel. As per funds for low-income housing, a BAMBD board member recently met with Dr. Ben Carson, incoming Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs. BAMBD recently obtained support from persons associated with another developer for BAMBD's Billion Dollar Trust Fund.
"I absolutely want to help BAMBD establish the BAMBD Billion Dollar Trust Fund,"  said the unidentified supporter.


BAMBD board member, Conway Jones, Jr., and incoming Secretary of Housing and Urban 
Development, Dr. Ben Carson

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