Thursday, December 29, 2016

How do I feel on the loss of my brother

 Ollie Jackmon, Soldier, Black Liberation Army, American Gulag, aka Department of Corrections

People ask me how I feel
ain't tryin to feel
don't want to feel
deny feel
silence feel
medicate feel
do you feel his vibration in his house
damn right I feel his vibration 
had to leave
vibration too strong
after a lifetime of missing him
together in the end
in 33rd
loved him
said he didn't know love
sister debbie made him know love died in her arms, died in the arms of love
got to know love in the end
what else matters God is Love
my favorite song Nature Boy say,
"The greatest thing
you will ever learn
is to love
and be loved in return...."
--Marvin X


West Oakland nigguh don't give a fuck
west oakland nigguh
so what bad and good luck
west oakland prescott elementary
lincoln theatre
don't give a fuck
cambell village
pennywell gang
harold campbell
heroes of my youth
ward brothers
alvis billy ray ward
tribal oakland
nigguhs move east
harlem of the west no more
bart station moderism
main post office moderism
where the people made west oakland live
culture business art sports where
negro removal ethnic cleansing gentrification
west oakland closer to sf than sf mayor jerry brown said
witch doctor supreme
brought ten thousand whites colonial children hipsters to occupy oakland
seize west oakland closer the sf than sf
hipsters march black lives matter
buy houses of black lives matter
displace black lives matter
smiling faces first friday black lives matter
occupy oakland black lives matter
displace oakland black lives matter
fire fire fire fire fire
white art matters
hipsters matter
developers matter
Black lives don't matter!
Ax somebody
Better ax somebody Houston TX Negroes say
Better ax 'em!
--Marvin X

I remember 7th Street West Oakland
up and down the street
7th and Peralta jazz blues
Lincoln Theatre jazz blues black films news
Lorraine's greasy spoon
hamburger heart attack fries
Pear's Cafe
turkey wings
Perry's Shoe Shine
dad got us ready for shined shoes church rounds  
Church of God in Christ Holy Ghost Sinners Temple
St. John's Baptist on Market Street
Down's Memorial where dad membered
Rev. Cecil Williams tenured on the way to Glide
Moon's Records
Scott's Keys
John Singer's
Pullman Porters Union Hall
Slim Jenkins with Josephine Baker Earl Father Hines
Esther's Orbit Room
BARN funky buffet

Pine Street ho stroll
16th Street AMTRAK station
tell ho i'm writer
you ain't no writer nigguh
Ho Hotel by hour
Army  base
Naval Supply Center
7th Street
Bumper to bumper cars
bumper to bumper nigguh weekends
7th and Campbell Jackmon's Florist
Granny in window
watch nigguh weekends
fascinated by street nigguh love
soldiers sailors nigguhs fightin stabbing killing
club let out pussy time
hammond b3 organ  jazz pussy
jimmy smith pussy
hammond b 3 jammin up down 7th
Arthur Prysock Man Ain't Supposed to Cry'
name of my first autobiography at 18
nigguh ain't lived writin autography
nigguh please
get a life then write autobiography

my life was music
musicians in theatre
dancing through the aisles
Donald Garrett
Dewey Redman
Monte Waters
Earle Davis
wailing jazz blues black classical sounds
harmonizing Fillmore Street rhythms
musicians on street playing car sounds
cars honking call and response
musicians freeing us from freedom
Donald Rafael Garrett bassist leading actors to freedom
jazz is  you
go black actor go
Ed Bullins
Marvin X
Actor Danny Glover
Papa's Daughter
by Dorothy Ahmad
Danny got ready for Color Purple
same theme same dream
Dewey gave birth to Joshuah
Joshuah transcends daddy sound
son did same to me on tennis court
beat my ass and laughed all the way
no more tennis for me.
like Merritt College basketball team 1962
gave it up driving into hole for layup
tall Mack nigguhs ain't elbowing me
fuck that shit
let me play tennis
beat white boy ass
what nigguhs know bout tennis 1963
throw down racket white boy
tennis nigguhs on the scene
where you at Oakland
Slim Jenkins
Earl Father Hines jazz
Josephine Baker jazz
jet magazine weekly negro jazz
ebony world of make believe jazz
Pine Street ho stroll jazz
you ain't no writer nigguh ho said jazz
Ho I write I write I write
you want some pussy
good writin ass nigguh
write my story
good writing ass nigguh
write my ho story
suck and fuck story
7th Street 6th grade ho story
write that nigguh
wit yo good writing ass
--Marvin X

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