Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Doug Carn ‎– Infant Eyes 1971 (FULL ALBUM) [Soul Jazz, Fusion]

Jean and Doug Carn were the voice of the black love 60s. Doug and Jean warmed our hearts with love songs of  partner love family love that sustained us into the turbulent 70s, those years after the USA destroyed the Black Panther Party and other remnants of the Black Liberation Movement. Doug and Jean sustained us in critical  moments of transition accompanied by despair! Here was a beautiful artistic couple full of African talent that soothed our hearts to the ultimate. Infant Eyes is a classic of that time in our history when black was beatiful, when we would be insulted if we came into town and checked into a hotel room rather than staying with our friends. Yes, staying at a hotel might be considered a civil rights achievement by those addicted to civil "rites" (Sun ra, Black Arts Movement) but the consciousness community would consider it an insult to come into town and not stay with friends and revolutionary comrades.

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