Monday, March 29, 2021

I saw a man named George Floyd murdered today on the morning news

I saw a man named George Floyd Murdered today

It hurt me to my heart 

not sure I will recover

beyond pain trauma toxicity reality

I can't believe evil exists in this land

yet how was it conquered with love

or blood

soaking the land from shore to shore

and we pontificate on freedom, justice, equality

what contradiction is this what pseudo democracy 

what lies, falsehoods taught to children and fools

slaves even devoured this garbage worse than slave food

fed to animals and slaves

daily diet of hog food yet me ate it and came up on filth

and you wonder why we suffer multiple morbidities 

why our central nervous system suffers toxicity

why Covid 19 loves us so much

yeah loves us in our negrocities and toxicities 

you don't want to hear me today or tomorrow.

And do you think I care? You have no heard me in centuries! 

No matter the decades you 

wallowed in denial in your sloth and mental slumber

white privilege from accumulated capital.  Did you deny

your inheritance from your ancestors? No, you enjoyed every

check to be your wretched self in all your spender. 

I saw a man named George Floyd murdered today
under the color of law
on the morning news
Lawyer Blackwell showed the video clip
he opened his remarks as prosecutor
I'd seen versions of the video before
last year when the murder happened
four days before my birthday May 29
How could I enjoy my b day
in trauma shock at another crucifixion
Strange Fruit
Remember that song
"How Long has this been going on?"
I remember Emit Till  1955
Money Mississippi
I was at Lowell Jr. High, Oakland
the brothers beat down poor white trash boy
so poor he went to school with niggas
probably so poor he didn't know he was white
but I watched the brothers beat him down
with each blow they said
This fa Emit Till peckerwood
This fa Emit Till peckerwood
Yes, I felt sorry for the poor peckerwood
so poor he didn't even know he was white
so poor he went to a school with all niggas!
Ain't this a crime against humanity?
But when a Cali nigga went to the dirty south
they taught me one thing
poor white trash is treated worse than a nigga
and a nigga aint shit
last time I checked
imagine you less than shit

But fuck all the above
I saw a man named George Floyd murdered this morning
Blackwell presented his case for the state
for the first time I saw a fuller version of the execution
under the color of law
pig hand in pocket
boot on neck
no human feelings
devil to the bone
George cried I can't breathe
Cried for his Mama
Cried for Lord
to no avail
boot on neck.
silent now 
dead now
boot on neck
pig beyond human
beyond pig
where was he?
Tell me
I want to know
world wants to know
where was he
Defense said George on drugs
If George on drugs
what drugs pig on, tell me
in the name of Jesus, Allah, Jah, Buddha 
On, no, not the white drug of supremacy
what made the pig nod out in his world of nothingness
hatred beyond human imagination
what drug beyond opioid fentanyl
drug addict George wasn't trying to kill
he only had a phony twenty dollar bill
He wanted a pack of cigarettes 
not to kill
except to kill the pain of his black matterless life!
Better ax somebody they say in Houston, TX
Projects of George Floyd
A human being in a world of devils
yes, I said it devils
devil pig devil America
devil day and night
devil Left and Right 
Elijah said devil!
In jr high at Lowell
used to listen on the radio to Elijah
upstairs at the Masonic Hall on 8th and Union, Oakland
Daddy gambling downstairs
In my room past room on the square at the lodge
I caught Elijah on the raggedy radio
the press asked him why he called whites devils?
He said devils do evil
If you do evil you devil!

Remember now
I'm in jr high at Lowell, Oakland
the press asked what he thought about Dr. Ralph Bunche?
Elijah said, "There are some socalled negroes we don 't need.
Ralph Bunche is a socalled negro we dont need."

I confess Elijah scared me calling the white man the devil.
But I listened and today, this morning on the news, I confess
The white man is the devil!
I watched him kill my brother, then kept his foot on my brothers neck
even after my brother had passed on from this life.
I do not understand the evil of devils.
I do not understand the evil of devils.
I do not understand the evil of devils.
--Marvin X

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