Friday, February 15, 2013

I am free

I am free
standing naked before God and Goddess
naked before ancestors
before elders
before children
mama and daddy
no shame
low down funky truth
dirty truth, yeah.
Sun Ra taught me this. Space is the place. Space is the place.
Lord, do it for me right now. Thank you Lord for the blessing
of abundance and joy.

Naked. I stand with love of life. Sade said every day is xmas, every
night is New Year's Eve!

I am with her. In this fourth quarter, I am seeking joy
Live in the no stress zone, always, everyday,
no stress
live in the no stress zone
look in the mirror
your face
joy or stress?
do the rest!
look in mirror
are you the man in the mirror or some ghost, illusion
stand naked and prove yourself.
--Marvin X

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