Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lake Merritt Love Poem

You think
I am speaking of making love
I am speaking of an action
beyond making love
beyond the physical
into the metaphysical
we perform the act
yet it is not the act
it is what is beyond the act
after all, after the nut
then what?
Yes, it is the other side
where infinite joy lives
raises her eyes
this is why I seek you
not for the joy of you
but the eternal joy
beyond you.
--Marvin X
revised 2/3/13


  1. How about this ending:
    not only for
    the joy that you are
    but for the eternal joy
    that flows when
    the perfections of
    our mental-spiritual
    physical communions
    swing wide the doors
    that allow us to enter
    that garden of eternal joy.

  2. You write the poem you want in answer to me.

  3. Actually, I like your ending. But you write your poem rather than suggest what I should write, because what I write is what I write.