Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Hares sign agreement with Attorney Amira Jackmon, Agent of the Archives Project

Marvin X, Dr. Julia Hare, Dr. Nathan Hare and Attorney Amira Jackmon, Senior Agent of the Archives Project.

Attorney Amira Jackmon will consider all bids for the Nathan Hare and Julia Hare archives. The Archives Project Senior Advisor, Poet Amiri Baraka, suggests $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars)  should be the starting point for bids from institutions such as Yale, Harvard, University of Chicago and Stanford University.

Itibari Zulu, editor of the Journal of Pan African Studies and former librarian at UCLA and Dr. J. Vern Cromartie, professor of sociology at Contra Costa College,  are also senior advisors to the Archives Project. The mission is not only to assemble the archives of high profile persons but to educate common people that their archives have value and should not be thrown into the trash upon their transition to the ancestors.

Interested institutions should contact Amira Jackmon, Senior Agent of the Archives Project, 510-813-3025.

The Archives Project founder and project director, Marvin X and his adopted aunt, Dr. Julia Hare

photo Johnny Burrell

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  1. Peace, Love, and Respect to my Elders!

    In all power of truth...history...the understanding of the forces of the vicious cycle, we as a people are systematically set up in, and the chains the conscious few know must be broken...

    I believe this precious archive should not be sold, to that, such institutions. Though for the purpose of setting value and a standard to educate the masses, it is only putting power back in to the hands of the very individuals who robbed and destroyed our Universities and Libraries in Mali & Kemet, etc. in order to build their own "discoveries" and create this system of miseducation.

    Such an archive must be kept for our own, in our own establishments....even if it must now be created because what we used to have is no more; was taken from us! Value is already set by the hardwork and esteemed legacy the Dr. Hare's have created. America and it's institutions have no value; are illusions of the prestige they stole and mimicked from our ancestors.

    To do all that research; to create great work just to hand it over on a platter, serves us in what way? Benefits us how? Empowers us with what tools that remain?...I am attempting to understand the intent and action.

    As a young African born in Amerikkka; a student & conscious fighter of such systems of miseducation; an educator in my community and within the very same misguided "educational" institutions which I struggle to protect and empower our youth in because we have not created a just path of knowledge of our own....understanding and living the contradictions that I have personally experienced and also learned about from Elders like the Dr. Hare couple; I can't help but to sincerely expect the diligent works we speak of, be the doctrine and historical archive of the Hare Institute of REVERSE/ING MISEDUCATION.

    Wholeheartedly, from passion and respect,