Monday, May 27, 2013

Call for an Ad Hoc Committee of Howard University Alumni and Friends to Acquire the Dr. Nathan Hare and Dr. Julia Hare Archives

In consideration of Dr. Greg Carr's expressed desire to acquire the Dr. Nathan Hare and Dr. Julia Hare archives for Howard University, the Community Archives Project, agent for the acquisition of the Hare archives,   proposes the formation of an Ad Hoc committee of alumni and friends of Howard University to raise the necessary funds for Howard University to obtain the archives at the earliest possible date.

The asking price of two million dollars reflects not only the value of the archives (approximately 200 cartons) but also the self worth of Dr. Nathan Hare and Dr. Julia Hare who have been denied participating in American academia due to their advanced thinking and profound commitment to the North American African community, despite their centrality in the formation of the discipline known as Black Studies, especially at Howard University and later at San Francisco State University.

We therefore call upon the following to join the Ad Hoc committee to facilitate the acquisition of the Hare papers by Howard University at the earliest possible date:

Dr. Greg Carr, Professor and Chair of Afro American Studies, Howard University
Baba Lumumba, Umoja House, Washington DC
Malik Zulu Shabazz, New Black Panthers, Black Lawyers, Washington DC
Amiri Baraka, poet, playwright, activist, Newark, New Jersey
Paul Cobb, Publisher, Oakland Newspaper Group, Oakland CA
Attorney John Burris, Oakland CA
Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour, Houston TX
Muhammida El Muhajir, Sun in Leo Productions, Brooklyn NY
Eleanor Traynor, Professor Emeritus, Howard University
Sonia Sanchez, Professor Emeritus, Temple University, Philadelphia PA
Muhammad Ahmad, Professor, Temple University, Philadelphia PA
Sean Combs, producer, New York City
Ras Baraka, City Councilman, Newark NJ
Dr. Haki Madhubuti, publisher, Third World Press, Chicago ILL
Dr. Dorothy Tsuruta, Professor of Black Studies, San Francisco State University
Judge Henry Ramsey, Jr., Oakland CA
Attorney Kathleen Cleaver, Professor of Law, Emory University, Atlanta GA
Sam Hamod, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University

Dr. Nathan Hare suggests that this committee maintain a status independent of Howard University but have a trust account established that will direct all funds to Howard University for the acquisition of the Hare papers.

Please confirm your participation on this committee and send us any suggestion you feel will facilitate the fundraising effort so Howard can acquire the archives at the earliest possible date. The archives are stored in Oakland CA and are available for viewing by appointment.


Marvin X, M.A.,
The Community Archives Project
339 Lester Ave. #10
Oakland CA 94606

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