Saturday, May 4, 2013

Elizabeth Carttlett's sculpture of Sojourner Truth destroyed in Sacramento, CA.

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Francisco Mora Catlett
Marvin, this is one for your Black Bird Press, GET YOUR WEST COAST PEOPLE ON IT.

Comment from Marvin X 
Subject: Elizabeth Cattlett Mora statue destroyed in Sacramento

Francisco, this is the most horrible and disgusting shit I've heard in a long time, but you must know Sac is a racist/red neck city, so it is not surprising these cave men would destroy a statue of Sojourner Truth by your Mom (RIP). As you know the Black Panthers ignited Sac when they marched there with guns into the capitol. Sac has a black mayor. I will inform my friend Fahizah Alim who is director of communications for the State gov. and see what she can do about this situation. 
Paz y amor,
Marvin Dos Equis
Comment from Paul Cobb, Publisher, Oakland Post News Group

Why don't we get a committee and meet with the Mayor of Sacramento to get this restored  if they don't want to commission another Black Sculptor, then we should hire Franklin Sirman to negotiate to bring the statue to Oakland and put it in City Hall Plaza or in front of the African American Museum or at the Lionel Wilson Airport (The truth sojourns). I am surprised that the Califronia Legislative Black Caucus and other political leaders and/or the spokespersons for the various Black and/or feminist groups haven't spoken out on this dastardly deed. Maybe Kamala Harris can find the appropriate poetic justice photo-op moment to re-erect Ms. Truth  while re-electing herself or using Truth broken statue as a srpingboard for catapulting herself to a higher position. Ain't the Sojourner Statue our Lady Liberty for Blacks and all other Americans too? Maybe we can shame all of them into action by getting the Republicans to raise the issue and lead an effort to restore it. Truth crushed to earth shall rise again---and since we are nearing the 150th anniversary of her visit with Abraham Lincoln in the white house----It's a propitious time for us to make a RESTORATIVE JUSTICE move for TRUTH.
I'm on my sojourney now.............and I wouldn't take nothing for my journey...
Thanks for the information
I hope you get your eblast group to rally around a plan.
Does Sweeney have a budget estimate? 
If so, I know we can do it. 
Truth be told!
Paul Cobb

Comment by Marvin X

Francisco, I agree with my childhood friend, Paul Cobb, Publisher of the Oakland Post: since certain segments of the population in Sacramento can't appreciate Sojourner Truth and the sacred work of Betty Mora, the people of Oakland who have a revolutionary tradition are willing and able to accept this piece of sculptor in honor of our great ancestor Sojourner Truth. If you can help make this happen, let me know. We know Ancestor Betty is not pleased to know what happened in Sacramento. We know she would surely smile to know her work was appreciated in one of the most radical cities in America and world, Oakland--like Falujah, Iraq, a city of resistance!

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Subject: Re: Elizabeth Cattlett Mora statue destroyed in Sacramento
Comment from Francisco Mora Cattlett
Date: Saturday, May 4, 2013, 4:35 PM

Hey Marvin,
David (FYI, David is Betty Mora's son who is a painter and sculptor as well) can fix it / or do a new one, he has the resources to do it... the problem is that it was not fastened and secured to a base (like the monuments in New Orleans) and it was easy to push it and tilted over... (this is terrible)
It will be most difficult to destroy the Idea of honoring "Sojourner Truth and her legacy" by vandalizing the monument, now we have to put it back where it belongs !!!
I think is a good thing that is in Sacramento as to give this folks a clear example of determination and human value, this is an opportunity to educate Sacramento’s people by putting this Major Art Work where it belongs and it needs to be...
We have to let folks know nationally of the crime committed and reinstalled the monument properly and with Dignity. 
I'm appalled that it took this long for us to find about it, almost like some one is covering up or hiding this horrible crime to the Art world and especially to the American people.
Thanks for your conscientious reply, and lets get moving to put the piece where it belongs and educate folks in the process...
Francisco Mora Catlett...


Comment from Evolve Art Gallery, Sacramento CA

Not quite sure why we are just hearing about this, but the "Sojourner Truth" statue created by Master Fine Artist Elizabeth Catlett, located at 13th and K in Midtown, Sacramento; was vanadlized back in January of this year. It has been "pushed over and broken into 3 pieces." If anyone has any information on the status of it being repaired or replaced or the investigation to find the suspects, please share with the rest of us. We'll post the updates and you can follow the story on our Facebook page: 

Ms. Catlett passed in April last year. This is a terrible loss, as the work cannot be replaced by her.

The ONLY information/news I found on it was here: (Thanks, Kevin Hellon and Mr. James Sweeney for brining this to our attention.)

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Evolve the Gallery | 2907 35th Street, Historic Oak Park | Sacramento California 95817


  1. indeed, clearly the documented response is weak. The ongoing private and hidden agenda is an open secret. Sojourner Truth and Elizabeth Catlett Mora deserve better by the broader community impacted... simply request the footage at the Sacramento Convention Center of the destruction from the Courtyard... hold a public conversation of the 5 month hidden process and provide a positive way forward...

  2. I had no idea!!! What can be done???