Sunday, May 26, 2013

Howard University wants the Hare's Archives!

Dr. Greg Carr, Chair, Afro American Studies
Howard University, Washington DC

Marvin X, Agent, Community Archives Project
Oakland CA

Good Morning Brother Marvin:

Given Brother Hare's centrality in founding the field of Black Studies--and the specific debt that Howard and HBCUs owe the Hares in that and related regards--I can explore the possibility that we can provide a home for the archive. I would like to begin with a space in Afro American Studies, the department that Dr. Hare is most immediately responsible for helping initiate at Howard.  I will begin looking into possibilities immediately.  Let's talk soon.


Dr. Nathan Hare on Howard University acquiring the Hare papers:

It’s touching, and would be poetic. Beyond the poetry, they did give Stokely Carmichael a Ph.D., though as I recall it was posthumous, but it was a start. I don’t know what they would have in  terms of financial might, especially, starting with the Department of Afroamerican Studies. I guess they could hook up with the Moreland Room of the University’s library. The Department of Sociology might add a penny.  You’re the poet. I’m a natural born sociologist, a tribe historically accused of worrying too much.


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