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New York Writers Union Newsletter

Between the Lines - May 2013
Monthly Newsletter of the New York Chapter of the National Writers Union
(UAW Local 1981)
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Remember Louis Reyes Rivera on May 19. 
Click image to listen to one of his well-known readings.
Pen Pressure: Later, Louis 
Written by Lora Rene' Tucker, NWU NY Chapter Steering Committee Member

(Pen Pressure is BTL's regular column about the best practices for activist writing. Guest columnists are welcome. Email if interested. -- Editor)
To show how our distinguished former chair Louis Reyes Rivera still influences the work and movement of the New York Chapter, BTL will include a tribute piece about him from an NWU member every May to mark Louis's birth date on May 19. -- Editor
The month of May tends to be an important month for me.  My father's birthday was May 3rd, mine is May 8th, and my mother's May 13th (a house of bulls, that's a story!). When I was twelve, my mother told me I was due on the 18th or 19th of May. Now I do not play "the numbers," but the number 19 became one of those "special" digits.  By the age of 18, I knew that Malcolm X was born on the 19th, but little did I know 32 years later, I would meet a man who gave me a deeper reverence for the 19th of May.
Louis Reyes Rivera would shun me for putting him on a pedestal, but he deserves it.  He deserves to be placed on a pinnacle; he was a mighty poet, teacher and man.  He is my hero - he saved me from my self- doubt and told me I am a writer.  And facing the world, like a warrior riding a mighty "Waterman," he fought the battles so that I could write.
I remember being at the Harlem Book Fair a couple of summers ago when there was a tribute to him at the Thurgood Marshall Academy. 
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