Monday, September 23, 2013

2014 BAM Conference Schedule Update

Art by Elizabeth Cattlett Mora, fusion of Black Art/Black Power

1ST Floor Lantern (Kolligian Library)
8:00 –  8:30 AM         Registration, Coffee/Tea and Light Refreshments
8:40 – 9:00 AM          Welcoming Remarks by Gregg Camfield, Professor, UC Merced
9:10 -  10:20AM         Multicultural Panel (Lakireddy Auditorium)
                                    Belva Davis, Panel Moderator
                                    Juan Felipe Herrera, California Poet Laureate
                                    Genny Lim, Poet & Activist
                                    Al Young, California Poet  Laureate Emeritus
Manuel Martin-Rodriguez, UC Merced Professor

10:30  - 11:20 AM      Introduction of Sonia Sanchez and Amiri Baraka
by Jimmy Garrett & Marvin X

11:30 – 12:45 PM       Black Power and Black Arts Roundtable (Lakireddy Auditorium)
                                    Nigel Hatton, Moderator
                                    Sonia Sanchez, Poet, Playwright, Teacher
                                    John Bracey, UMass Amherst
                                    James Smethurst, UMass Amherst
                                    Amiri Baraka, Producer, Writer, Activist
                                    Marvin X, Playwright, Activist
12:45  – 1:45 PM        Luncheon

  2:00  – 2:40 PM        Marvin X, Keynote Speaker

  2:45  – 3:45 PM        Original Gangsta Poets
                                    Marvin X, MC
Sonia Sanchez, Amiri Baraka, Al Young, Juan Felipe Herrera
                                    Genny Lim, Judy Juanita

4:15     5:40 PM        Northern and Central California Voices of the Black Arts Movement Installation
                                    Merced Multicultural Arts Center
                                    Amiri Baraka (Moderator)
S.O.S. – Calling All Black People:  A Black Arts Movement Reader
Discussion with editors:  John H. Bracey Jr., Sonia Sanchez, and James Smethurst

6:00 – 7:00                  Dinner

7:15    10:00 PM       Theatre of the Black Arts Movement
Introductions by Shipu Wong and Kim McMillon
(Excerpts from the plays of Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Marvin X, Ishmael Reed, Lorraine Hansberry, Judy Juanita, and George Wolfe) Performed by Michael Lange, Adilah Barnes, and UC Merced Students
(Must have purchased ticket for this event)

                                    Lantern, 1st Floor Kolligian Library
8:30 –  9:00 AM         Registration, Coffee/Tea and Refreshments

9:15 – 10:15 AM        Central Valley Voices of the Black Arts Movement
Nigel Hatton, Moderator
(Student Papers)
Give Birth to Brightness: A Thematic Study of Neo-Black Literature by Central Valley author Sherley Anne Williams  
Marvin X, Somethin' Proper, the Autobiography of Marvin X

10:20 – 11:30 AM      New Scholarship on the Black Arts and Black Power Movement (Lakireddy Auditorium)
                                    Mike Sell, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Moderator)
                                    James Smethurst, University of Mass, Amherst
                                    Sonia Sanchez, Poet & Playwright
                                    Marvin X, Playwright
                                    Amiri Baraka, Playwright
                                    Sean Malloy, Professor,  UC Merced

11:40 – 12:45 AM      Black Studies & the Black Arts Movement
                                    Ishmael Reed (Moderator)
Dr. Nathan Hare
                                    Jerry Varnado
Terry Collins
James (Jimmy) P. Garrett
Judy Juanita
1:00     2:00 PM        Lunch

2:15  –– 3:00 PM        Ishmael Reed, Poet, Playwright, & Activist
Keynote Speaker

3:15    4:30 PM        Black Panthers & The Black Arts Movement
                                    Billy Jennings, founder, Panther Exhibit
                                    Sean Malloy, Professor, UC Merced
                                    Emory Douglas

Hotel:  Hampton Inn in Merced, CA will offer room discounts to conference attendees.                               

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