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Plato Negro, A Day in the Life at Academy of da Corner

Those who don't know need to know that Academy of da Corner is a project of the Marvin X Ministry, a writer's ministry to spread truth in the world, and someone said truth will set you free! If it ain't true for me and you, it ain't truth! Don't tell me what you believe, I care nothing for your beliefs. You can believe it's raining today in Oakland, but you see clearly the sun is shining, yet you want to convince me you believe it is raining. Get a life!

Today the poet/philosopher had a full day at his academy of da corner, located at 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland, in the Oscar Grant Plaza/Frank Ogawa Plaza (Frank was a former city councilman, one of the best of the lot, says Marvin X), across from city hall.

Quitta and Plato
photo Doris Easley

It is enough to make a movie, he told his new wife, Quitta, who came to assist the poet and was overwhelmed at how people share their stories with the poet, who often says nothing but listens.

A senior woman was introduced to his wife and said how nice that she could help the poet, and she's beautiful too, the woman said.

Poet Charles Blackwell

Blind poet Charles Blackwell came through. In his raw manner, Marvin X introduced Charles as a nigguh from Mississippi. Charles, always humble except when he gets raw in his Mississippi manner, asked Marvin why he had to introduce him as a nigguh from Mississippi? How ya coin, Charlie? Rev. Reems told me to tell you he looking fa ya! He told me to tell you he looking fa you too, Charles shot back.

After Charles departed, Quitta remarked, "For a blind man, he sure moves fast with that cane. And he can read his poetry. I must tell my sons (9 year old twins) about him, even though he is blind. I told them about Stevie Wonder, a man who has never seen a piano."

Marvin X failed to inform readers that yesterday a young lesbian had come by and informed Plato she was not a boy, she was a girl. Plato had not asked her gender but was happy for the information. I'm tired of these girls acting like I got a dick. I know I don't have no dick and I'm tired faking. I'm gonna be the woman I am! I loveya gul, Plato said. Talk reality to me!

Mississippi poet Charles Blackwell was soon followed by another partially blind white man Plato recalled had bought DVDs in the past. The white man testified and confessed about his life for at least an hour. He said his mission is to search for truth. He is a veteran who fought in WWII and was disabled but felt he was not treated fairly by the Veterans Administration.

The man said he was about 100 feet away when the Marine, an Iraqi war veteran,  was shot in the head by the cops during Occupy Oakland. Plato was also present that night and was overcome by tear gas after the Marine suffered a concussion from a police projectile when he refused to dismiss on police orders.

Plato's classroom was also the scene of the Oscar Grant street protests. The film Fruitvale neglected to depict that mass protests over the Oscar Grant murder.

The blind white man said he would return next week to purchase some DVDs. But he didn't depart, he lingered on, talking about his search for truth. He mentioned the De Vichy Code and others sources that have tried to uncover truth in the world. Finally, he departed. This is what you go through, Quitta asked. Yes, sometimes you must just listen. Who else has time to listen,
but we must cut it short because the people will drain your energy.  You ain't seen nothing yet, he told Quitta. The show is just beginning.

Plato and San Francisco's Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. He's had problems in his male/female relations

A man purchased the most popular piece of writing Plato has published, the 18 page pamphlet Mythology of Pussy and Dick. He went away but came back a little later to purchase another copy.
I want one for my son, he said. He must read this. I'm shocked at the things you've said. You noted a man can't bleed for five days and not die, you said he can't bleed for five minutes! That got me. Then you said don't be a 50, 60, 70 year old still tripping about pussy and dick. Yes, give me one for my son!

Quitta said, you're gonna get rich with that Mythology of Pussy and Dick! A white woman with luggage waiting for her son to pick her up bought a copy as a gift for her son.

A brother came manic over the fact he'd just got out of the US Marines this day, after 25 years. He said he didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so he was doing both. I feel sorry for my people here in America. If they throw me in jail I'm going to do this. He performed a little robot dance saluting and marching, left right left, march time march. It was straight drama and fit any stage. He said he better go because he's too excited. Pray for me, ya'll pray for me. Quitta couldn't believe the real live drama she'd just witnessed. Plato said the brother will need to be careful out here. You heard me tell him this is the Black man's battleground. This is the war and he is a victim.

Plato and Howard University, Wash DC fan

 Plato and Academy of da Corner Professor of Law, Gregory Fields

 Academy of da Corner top student, Jermaine Marsh, Civil Rights attorney Walter Riley,
living blues legend Suggar Pie De Santo and Plato

 Oakland Post Publisher Paul Cobb and Marvin X are childhood friends from West Oakland

Plato and Rahmana Ali

Plato's wellness coach Michael Bennett of the San Francisco Bayview/Hunters Point WMCA

We love you, Comrade George Jackson. Liberate the captives! Black August, look for me in the whirlwind!

Plato, librarian Sister Linda and novelist Cecil Brown

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