Friday, September 6, 2013

Marvin X still Alive

As of 11:19AM, West Coast Time, Marvin X is still alive. He is presently in the central valley visiting friends and working on his writing retreat.
Dr. Nathan Hare
JUST GOT WORD FROM BROTHER MUHAMMAD AHMAD THAT OUR BLACK ARTS MOVEMENT POET, MARVIN X, HAS PASSED. "It is with great sorrow that we received news of the passing of brother freedom fighter, Marvin X and we of the Philadelphia Community Institute of Africana Studies offer condolences to his family.

brother muhammad ahmad and family"


  1. I think Max Stanford is getting old and a little confused. My ex-wife's husband did pass in Philly a couple of weeks ago. Maybe Max (Muhammad Ahmed, founder of RAM with Robert Williams) confused Muneer, Nisa's husband, with my name El Muhajir.