Saturday, September 7, 2013

Call for Rallies against the USA and Obama as The Drone Ranger--Stop the bombing of Syria!

The Black Left Unity Network (BLUN) Calls on Black Activists to Lead Rallies Starting September 7th at Martin L. King Sites 
to Oppose U.S. War Against Syria

 As the Obama administration beats the U.S. war drums to build congressional support for launching a U.S. military attack on Syria, claiming that it would be an act of humanitarian intervention, the Black left must stand with Dr. King who said NO to imperialist wars, by mobilizing Black people and people of conscience to the streets, parks and monuments named after Dr. King as sites of Black led struggle.

The non-violent struggle led by Dr. Martin L. King Jr. was not for the election of a Black president that would continue the role of the U.S. that he called the World's Greater Purveyor of Violence.

While recognizing that many felt pride in electing Obama as the U.S. president, seeing it as a challenge against the capitalist system's white supremacy and racism that has denied Black people basic civil and democratic rights; Black people must not allow this to stop us from challenging the policies and pleas of Obama when they are not really different from those of George Bush, only with a different appeal and skin color. Dr. King said – not to judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character (their actions). This must also apply for Obama.

Bush used Colin Power and Condoleeza Rice as figureheads to state that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, hoping that as Black officials whose people continue to be victimized by, and fighting against racism and injustice, could convince Black people and the world that the U.S. claims were truthful. Defending the corporate dictated and imperialist polices and decisions of Obama, is not challenging white supremacy and racism; it is allowing the structural attacks that causes the racist inequalities and domination to be deepened without a serious challenge from the most oppressed. As many are trying to rewrite the history of Dr. King and the civil rights and Black power movement, the BLUN calls on Black Activists across the country to mobilize and lead protest at the venues named after Dr. King, to speak out against the U.S. launching a military attack on Syria, and as a call to action to reclaim the real history and moral authority of the Black Freedom and human rights struggle.

The Black officials in congress and at all levels of government who are in those positions because of the leadership and sacrifices made by Dr. King and many others, must be called on to speak out and vote against the pleas by the Obama administration to launch an attack on Syria. The Congressional Black Caucus must express the will of the Black masses who want an end to the U.S. War on Black America and all imperialist wars throughout the world. People should be asked to call 202-225-3121 to reach your congressperson.

These rallies should highlight issues like the Zimmerman not guilty verdict for the racist profiling and murder of young Trayvon Martin, the high Black unemployment, cuts in funding for public education, mass incarceration, stop and frisk and police killings of Black people as examples of the War on Black America. Send in reports with photos of Black led rallies at the King and other venues to the BLUN listserv.

These rallies should raise the demand No war on Syria and Stop the War on Black America and other issues.
Black Left Unity Network Continuations Committee and affiliate organizations
Peoples Organization for Progress (POP),   Black Workers For Justice,   Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality

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