Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Marvin X Replies to Poet Mohja Kafh on the Syrian Revolution

Without a doubt, those of us who consider ourselves politically correct in our ideological dogmatism, with our focus on the various factions can totally neglect the masses of true believers who only seek simple freedom, justice and equality, who are not steeped in religiosity or any other ideological framework. Yet in our diatribes we fail to mention the simple masses striving for a better day, not to be part of this faction or that, this sect or that, but simply a better day under the sun.

How is it possible that we focus on the geo-political game players of the East and West, who have long range plans beyond simple justice and a better day in the sun.

This is some kind of intellectual myopia that blinds us from seeing beyond the ideologues of the right and/or left. It is not to glorify the secularists or any other liberal faction confronting the Islamists or dogmatic sectarians, but we do indeed need to think about the simple masses that we never hear about in the news, who are somehow forgotten in the mad geo-political gamesmanship between East and West.

Let us them give at least a moments thought to the children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts who have lost so much in this struggle that has transcended simple democracy but is caught up in the mythology of the political elite with their agendas far beyond justice, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Let us give thought to the struggling masses, the six million internal and external refugees, the 100,000 dead, those grieving their dead and struggling to stay alive, those not of any ideological persuasion other than common justice and freedom that transcends narrow minded ideological and mythological notions grounded in political and religious dogmatism and sectarianism.
--Marvin X

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