Thursday, September 18, 2014

Letter from 100 UK Imams Urging British Muslims not to join ISIS

Over 100 UK imams unite to sign open letter urging British Muslims not to travel to Syria and Iraq

Read the whole letter below. To add your signature, click here.

Today, in an unprecedented response to the events in Syria and Iraq, Imams from    across the UK, of various denominations of Sunni and Shia Muslims, have come        together to support a single unified cause; to urge British Muslims not to fall prey to      sectarian divisions and to call on people not to travel to Syria or Iraq to fight in the  escalating conflicts.
 An open letter signed by more than 100 Imams from across major theological  backgrounds and cultural groups urges “British Muslim communities to continue the  generous and tireless effort to support all of those affected by the crisis in Syria and  unfolding events in Iraq, but to do so from the UK in a safe and responsible way.
Qari Mohammed Asim, Imam at Leeds Makka Mosque, who played a key role in developing the letter, comments:
“The scale of the humanitarian disaster in Syria and the escalating violence in Iraq calls for an unprecedented response. As we near the end of the first week of Ramadan our message is simple, we have come together to urge British Muslim communities not to fall prey to any form of sectarian divisions or social discord.
Here in the UK we are Sunnis and Shias, brothers in Islam – and brothers in Britain too. The conflict in Syria and Iraq can never change that no matter how bitter the fighting. We urge members of the community to echo this sentiment by adding their signature to this letter, joining the many others that have done so already.”
The letter, which comes as Muslim communities celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, commends the incredible work that British Muslim communities have already done to raise money for the plight of the Syrian people and pledges further support but reminds communities that any support they give should be from the UK in a safe and responsible way.
The open letter is gathering a huge amount of support from within Muslim communities as they look to their Imams for guidance on how best to support the efforts to help the Syrian and Iraqi people during the ongoing crises.
Imam Shahid Raza (OBE) from Leicester Central Mosque comments: “Like everyone I am immensely proud of the response to the humanitarian crisis from communities across the UK. As the scale of the crisis escalates we need to appeal to our communities to ensure they are helping Syria and Iraq in the safest possible way and that sectarian divisions do not divide us here in the UK.”
The collective action between the Imams was facilitated by Faith Associates, an organisation which works with Imams and mosques across the UK and abroad. Chief Executive of Faith Associates and editor of, Shaukat Warraich, commented:
“Today is an historic occasion with representatives from across British Muslim communities coming together to show a united front and commit to engaging with their communities to advise and protect our young people who might be thinking about going to Iraq or Syria. We are proud to have played a role in supporting this important initiative.”

Read the whole letter below. To add your signature, click here.

Dear Sir
The month of Ramadhan is a time of reflection and compassion for humanity.  The ethos of this month is to demonstrate generosity and solidarity especially towards those who are less fortunate.
As the crisis in Syria and Iraq deepens, we the under-signed have come together as a unified voice to urge the British Muslim communities not to fall prey to any form of sectarian divisions or social discord.
Ramadhan, the month of mercy, teaches us the value of unity and perseverance and we urge the British Muslim communities to continue the generous and tireless efforts to support all of those affected by the crisis in Syria and unfolding events in Iraq, but to do so from the UK in a safe and responsible way.
The Muslim communities have already generously contributed over a hundred million pounds to the Syrian relief effort. We welcome the British Government’s commitment to spending £600 million to support the Syrian people.
With more than 9 million Syrians internally displaced and requiring help, 2.8 million living in refugee camps and 60% of the countries medical infrastructure destroyed, this is the largest human crisis since World War II.
The Holy Qur’an’s guiding principle states:
And they give food for the love of God to the needy, the orphan and the prisoner.  They say to them, “We give you food, only for the sake of God – we do not seek any reward or thanks from you.” (76:8).
 We the undersigned:
Sheikh Ahmed Babikir, Islamic Advisor Islamiyyah School Network, London
Qari Mohammed Asim MBE, Senior Imam Makkah Masjid, Leeds
Sheikh Muhammad Manwar Ali, JIMAS, Norwich
Mualana Shahid Raza OBE, Leicester Central Mosque, Leicester
Imam Rafiq Sufi Patel, Vice Chairman Lancashire of Mosque, Blackburn
Mufti Zymer Salihi, Chairman Albanian and Turkish Islamic Foundation, London
Prof Masood Akhtar Hazarvi, Al Hira Education Centre, Luton
Dr Musharraf Hussain, Director Karima Foundation, Nottingham
Sheikh Mohamed el Sharkawy, Al Azhar Academy, London
Sheikh Tahir Fayyaz, Abu Bakr Masjid, Southall London
Sheikh Sabazada Jeelani, Wycombe Islamic Mission/ South East Imams Forum, High Wycombe
Chairman Abdul Hameed Qurashi, Lancashire Council of Mosque, Preston
Moulana Ghulam Rasool, Trustee Sultan Bahu Trust, Birmingham
Sheikh Sayed Ali Raza, Majlis Ulama-e-Shia, London
Sheikh Mustafa Jaffar, Masjid, London
Imam Asif Ali, Karima, Nottingham
Mr Dilwar Hussain, New Horizons, Leicester
Dr A Majid Katme, Brent Maglis, London
Shaykh Sulaiman Egeh, Brent Muslim Multicultural Centre, London
Shaykh Talat, Palmers Green Mosque, London
Shaykh Haythim Al-Sahlani, Al Khoei Foundation, London
Shaykh Salah Bilal, Al Khoei Foundation, London
Imam Shakil Ahmed, Ayesha Masjid and School, London
Imam Mohammad Talha Bokhari, Birmingham Central Mosque, Birmingham
Maulana Amir Hussain, YEME, Bradford
Maulana Swaleey Khan, YEME, Bradford
Qari Abdul Latif, Jammia, Alyesbury
Hafiz Khush Bakht, Jamia Ramania, High Wycombe
Mufti Muhammad Arif, Saeedi Ashrafi, Chesham
Maulana Muhammad Sarfraz Madni, Black Heath Mosque, Birmingham
Imam Hafiz Hamid Uddin, Castlefield Mosque, High Wycombe
Imam Sultan Mahmud, Totteridge Mosque, High Wycombe
Qari Tariq Mahmud Qadri, Al Hira Education Centre, London
Muft Riaz Ahmed, Samdani Anjuman Islamia, London
Imam Ihsanullah Nazshbandi, Ilford Islamic Centre, London
Imam Sheikh Muhammad Ismail Al-Rashid, Birmingham Central Mosque, Birmingham
Maulana Ejaz Ahmed,Nairvi Siqqiqia, London
Mulana Sayed Noor Ahmed Shah, Barking Masjid, London
Hafiz Muhammed Yaqoob, Canning Town Mosque, London
Qari Muhammad Amin Chidhti, Southall Islamic Centre, Ealing London
Maulana Iqbal Awan, Madina Masjid, Luton
Hafiz Naseerullah Naqshbandi, Mohi-ul-Din Trust, Birmingham
Hafiz Arshad Jamil,  Masjid, London
Allama Abdul Bari, Masjid Centre, Milton Keynes
Imam Hafiz Hafiz Ahmed Ibrahim Patel, Birmingham Central Mosque, Birmingham
Mulana Mehrban, Chesterfield Mosque, Chesterfield
Mulana Mohsin,  Islamic Centre, Derby
Mulana Sohail Bawa, Stepney Centre, London
Mulana Aslam, Southall Islamic Circle, London
Imam Abu Sayeed, Darul Ummah, London
Mulana Hafiz Rehman, West Drayton Mosque, London
Imam Professor Hafiz Muhammad Akram – Harrow Central Mosque, Harrow – Middlesex
Mulana Attaaa Ullah Khan, Oxford Mosque, Oxford
Mulana Tahir Awan, Abu Bakr Masjid, London
Maulana Jamshaid Ahmed, East London Mosque Forum, London
Mulana Kasim, Central Jamia Masjid, Ealing London
Mulana Bismillah, Central Jamia Masjid, Ealing London
Mulana Sadath, Abu Bakr Masjid, Ealing London
Ustahd Yahya Birt, Interfaith Forum, Ilkley
Ustahd Mahbub Nazir, The Good Deeds Project, Leeds
Molana Rayan Mahmud, Iqra TV, London
Imam Yaseen Mohammed, Bradford Council of Mosques, Bradford
Imam Rafiq Sehgal, Bradford Council of Mosques, Bradford
Shah Fazal Karim, Council for Mosques, Bradford
Imam Iftikhar Ali, Jammat Tableegul Islam, Bradford
Mr Zulfiqar Ali, Jammat Tableegul Islam, Bradford
Mr Amjad Pervez, Bradford Council of Mosques, Bradford
Imam Sayed Tariq Masud, Shah Redbridge Islamic Centre, London
Mr Abdul  Sattar, Kanzul Iman Mosque
Shaykh Dr Abbas Mohammed, Islamic Unity Forum
Imam Mohammad Saddiq, Khanzul Iman
Imam Rafiqur Rehman, Jamia Mosque Newport, South Wales
Mr Ghulam Mohayuddin Hafiz, Medina Mosque Trust, Southampton
Hafiz Mohammad Sajaad, Jamia Masjid Abu Huraira, Leeds
Mulana Abdul Khaliq, Hayes Islamic Centre / Hayes Muslim Centre, London
Sh Mr Tarik Nasrullah,  Mosque, London
Mr Zia ul-Haq, Madina Masjid, Walsall
Imam Irfan Chishti MBE, Light of Islam Academy, Rochdale
Mr Choudhary Noor-Hussain, Dudley Central Mosque, Dudley
Mulana Aqram, Hayes Masjid / Hayes Muslim Centre, London
Imam Shokat, Abu Bakr Mosque, Southampton
Imam Azizurehman, Abu Bakr Mosque, Southampton
Dr Ataf Sabir, Community Member, Dudley
Molana Ahmad Nisar Beg Qadri, British Muslim Forum
Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, The Muslim Council of Britain, Leciester
Director and Imam Anas Al-Korj, Taqwah Mosque Trust, Southampton
Alqadri Muhammad Ikhlaq Mubarak, Islamic Society Jamia Mosque Al Madina, Middlesbrough
Mr Mahmood Hussain, Dudley Muslim Association, Dudley
Mr M Ammar Khan, Dudley Central Mosque, Dudley
Mr Muhammad Fazal, Al-noor Educational, London
Imam Monawar Hussain, The Oxford Foundation
Chairman Ragih Muflihi, Muslim Inclusive Action Network IMAN, Sandwell
Sahibzada Naeem Rabbani, Black Country Sunni Ulema Council
Imam Hafiz Abdul Rehman Sultani, Qamarul Islam Masjid, Birmingham
Mr Naseerullah, Siddiquia Education Trust, Birmingham
Mr Khurshid Drabu, Chairman, Southampton Medina Mosque Trust Ltd, Southampton
Imam Hamid Qudoos Hashmi, Dudley Central Mosque, Dudley
Qaril Noman Yousaf, Head Teacher – Harem Academy, Coventry
Hafiz Abdul Satar, Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust (HSBT), Sandwell
Imam Shaikh Sajid Mahmood, Aminah Trust, Bradford
Yousef  Hansa, Noor Ul Islam Trust, London
Hafiz Zaheer Shabir, Bristol Council of Mosques, Bristol
Dr Sheikh Omer El-Hamdoon, Muslim Association of Britain
Maulana Muhammad Sarfraz Madni, Black Heath Mosque, Birmingham
Mufti Muhammd Farooq Alwi, Jammia Masjid, Birmingham
Mufti Abdual Majid Nadeem, Alum Rock Mosque, Birmingham
Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Jammia Masjid, Birmingham
Maulana Muhammd Iqbal, Masjid Oldham, Oldham
Hafiz Rahmat Aziz Salik, Hull Islamic Centre, Hull
Molana Wajid Ali Ansari, Kariamia Masjid, Nottingham
Sadat Qadri, Kariamia Masjid, Nottingham
Imam Muhammad Hussain Sajid, Ghousia Masjid, Burnley
Imam Muhammed Arshad, Masjid e Ibrahim, Burnley
Qari Blouch, Armley Welfare Society, Leeds
Molana Sadat Ahmed, Kariamia Masjid, Nottingham
Helen Zehra Taskiran,  Muslimah of the UK London
Julian Bond, Christian Muslim Forum, London
Tehmina Kazi, Human rights activist, London
Hassan Rabbani, Zia-Ul-Quran, Glasgow
Shahzad Hussain,  Iqra Centre,  Leeds
Zara Islam, London
Mohsin Malik, 313, Oslo
Sean Haran, Couples for Christ – Wales Swansea
Ahmad Ayaz Ur-Rahman Irfani, Jamia Masjid Hanfia Ghousia,  Bedford
Suleman Nagdi MBE DL, Federation of Muslim Organisations, Leicester
Professor Hafiz Akram, Harrow Central Mosque,  Harrow
Amanda Jane, Price Women Against Ukip, Cheltenham
Sharmeen Ahmed,  Bristol
General Secretary Talib Hussain,  Jamiyat Tabligh-Ul-Islam, Bradford
Abdul Raheem, Leeds
Mr Sher afzal, Reading islamic centre, Reading
Sheikh Ain Uddin Teviot, Bangladeshi Cultural Community Group (TBCCG), London
Mr Suleman Nagdi MBE DL, Federation of Muslim Organisations, Leicester
Molana Zubair Mangera, Tuyoorul jannah, Blackburn
Hafiz Abdul Satar Imam at HSBT, Sandwell Birmingham
Co Director kalsoom bashir, Inspire, Bristol
Imam Ahmed Desai, Masjid Quba, Bradford
Mrs Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal MBE DL, Chair North Staffs Forum of Faiths & Stafford & District Friends of Faith Stafford
Mr Fayyaz Ahmed, Madrasatul Barkaat Ltd, Leicester
Miss Samreen Ali, High school, Hayes
Mr Basharit Hussain, British Pakistani Youth Council, Stoke On Trent
CEO founder and Trustee Khatija Barday-Wood, EIMAN, National
Mr Ali Shah, Brussels

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