Thursday, September 11, 2014

Obama and Kerry convince Islamic Snakes to confront ISIS

Isn't it the height of hypocrisy for Europeans and Americans to be cry the beheadings by the Islamic State or ISIS while Euro American drones, guns and bombs slaughter Arabs, Africans and Indigenous people throughout the world? Even sadder is much of the behavior of ISIS is matched in many if not most of the so called Islamic States in the area, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf States. There are regular beheadings, executions, torture chambers, dogmatism and sectarianism in these lands. Imagine America is horrified at the beheading of an American citizen but what did she do to the American citizen Dr. Allacki and his son in Yemen? Smashed them to smithereens with US Drones, without charges or conviction in a court of law. So who are the real savages, vandals, gangsters and criminals.

If truth be told and it must, there are no good guys in this global quagmire, except the suffering masses who are just beginning to suffer from the bloody drama that is rapidly unfolding in the Middle East and Africa. Wait until the Crusaders return in the fullness of their capabilities. Will not prophesy be fulfilled as the armies near Jerusalem?

Madmen cannot be restrained for they operate under another logic that includes no fear of death. How can one defeat them? Even death is Paradise they seek. Imagine souls of the young men and women flocking to the ISIS territory must derive from some cancer deep in the global body politic, some spiritual deficit in the society that would make young men and women turn into death angels.

This desire to spurn materialism for martyrdom is surely a reaction to national and global politics, both can be totally disgusting, especially societies connected to the West's umbilical cord of free market economics or the desire to rape and plunder nations for conspicuous consumption. Follow the money until one is disgusted with the very idea and this is the moment the death angel leaps into action, for the angel can see the 1% will never turn in their butcher knives, never turn into Buddha heads (Mao).  So the angel is open to another point of view, no matter in confronting the Beast he must don the persona of the Beast as well. For sure, there is no compromise, it is liberty or death, dogmatism or death. But was he ever free in the old regime? No, he was beheaded by the king if he did not sing the Parrot song. In his desperation, a new madness sounds good so he accepts the new way--or is it the old, some behavior beyond the cave man days. Is it learned behavior from the Cave man colonial master? We cannot fantom such barbarity, and it cannot be allowed to spread. If they would acquire and use Drones, it would be more civilized, wouldn't it? But the knife, it is so savage.

For all the ISIS savagery, it doesn't come close to the savagery of the US trillion dollar annual global killing machine.
--Marvin X
3 September 2014

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