Thursday, September 11, 2014

Marvin X 9/11 poem: Let's Get Back to Normal

Let's Get Back To Normal
By Marvin X

Let's get back to normal
When we robbed the world
And it suffered in silence
Only a grunt now and then
Only a whimper
From some far off place
We can't pronounce
Like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sira Lanka, Indonesia
Palestine, Baghdad
Let's get back to normal
When we pimped the poor unto death
In Asia, Africa and Latin America
from can't see to can't see
One dollar a day
No overtime pay, health insurance, sick leave
Forget minimum wage
A martin luther king dream
Let's get back to normal
Peasants growing coca
Eating leaves to kill hunger=20
Let's get back to normal
Supply the world with guns and bombs
No violence on our shores
Only nigguhs killing nigguhs
in ghettoes Saturday nite
Or maybe a few dead at suburban high schools
Because somebody feels out of place, =20
rejected, nerdy
Let's get back to normal
When the news was nothing massive, utterly shocking
Beyond our normal naked ignorant imaginations
Why do they hate us?
What have we done to them?
Oh, they fought the Russians for us
And we left them hungry=20
Country destroyed=20
Following cave men who reject the humanity of women
This couldn't be the reason
This is no reason for hate
Is it?
Let's get back to normal
Let Bush steal the election before our very eyes
Let his brother bar us from voting with tanks and guns in Florida=20
No terrorism here
Let the right wing supreme court decide the president, not the people
no one man, one vote anyway
But let's get back to normal
Let the Jews continue killing Arabs
Let them fight over Palestine forever and ever
Let them kill in Jerusalem, Jenin, Gaza
Who cares?
As long as oil flows and gas pours into our UVs
As longs as we consume most of the world's energy
Because we're greedy and love it to death
So what if most of the world has no electricity no running water,
no bathrooms eats very little
No three meals a day
No Burger King MacDonald Kentucky fried Hormone grown beef and chicken
Making girls have a period at ten,
tits and butts for good measure
let's get back to normal
when we could drink our neo-dope
caffeine coffee
pretend it's not dope
wired to gills
work like dogs
in our jobs of yesterday
when the stock market flew high in friendly sky
til shit hit the motherfuckin fan
we saw with our very eyes the morning news
fall of America the beautiful
spacious skys full of planes flown by madmen
who love death like thirsty love water
suddenly it dawned on us
quite suddenly
we must be ugly to somebody
After symbols of world trade and murder inc.
Smashed  burned to dust
Masters and slaves alike incinerated
We must be somebody ugly
Or maybe we made them ugly
certainly there's a gross misunderstanding here
we need to sharpen our tools of communication
perhaps it's a matter of diplomacy
something is very, very wrong
something stinks
smoke is in my eyes
I'm way up in Harlem
winds of the world have shifted
East wind has blown West
West cries like innocent child
caught stealing in toys r us
People of the world want justice
people die for justice
people kill for justice
nobody wants more than justice
nobody wants less
I thought you knew
                 ---Marvin X



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