Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Endgame of ISIS, Crusaders, Uncle Abdullahs and the Righteous

ISIS, made in the USA. Osama Bin Laden, made in the USA. 9/11, made in the USA, terror, made in the USA, Indians, made in America, Negroes, made in America, concentration camps/reservations, made in America. 

It will indeed take a rocket scientist to unravel the conundrum of the Middle East battle of Armageddon. We suspect the Crusaders are embarking on another 100 Years War to cleanse the so called filth of ISIS and related groups. But we wonder how the Crusaders can distinguish the evil and filthy ones from the good guys. Surely the Uncle Abdullahs (Arab Uncle Toms), those leading the reactionary regimes in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, cannot classify themselves as the good guys, even if they have allied themselves with Crusaders in the white hats, off to recapture the holy lands for....themselves, of course, to reinstitute their colonial ideology of domination and exploitation that is the first cause of the present situation. The second cause is those Uncle Abdullahs and their reactionary regimes that give rise to so called fanaticism, i.e., when no other outlet is available to escape poverty, ignorance and disease, sectarianism and dogmatism or shall we say simple freedom, justice and equality.

I hesitate to attempt an unravelling of the Middle East onion, for the layers are so often indistinguishable and inseparable, connected in such a symbiotic relationship that it is simply impossible to deconstruct this phenomena unless one is, again, a rocket scientist. For example, shall we say America is with the Shia, Iranian allied, Iraqi regime, or is America with the Sunni citizens allied with Saudi Arabia. Well, we are told 90% of the Saudi Arabians support ISIS and would, if able, overthrow the Saudi regime of decadent Saudi princes so backward women are not allowed to drive cars.

Much of the matter is simple tribalism, originating from the time of Prophet Muhammad. Alas, Sunni Muslims consider Shia heretics who can indeed suffer beheading for their Shia mythology. The new prime minister in Iraq is every bit a part of the Shia brotherhood of the previous prime minster Malaki, and we understand his ministers are dominated by Shia, despite the call for inclusion of Sunni in his restructured government.

ISIS marches on. The Crusaders come from heaven with their planes and drones, missiles and bombs. The Crusaders vow none of their troops shall touch the ground. But how many private contractors are on the ground, how many never departed when the US troops left Iraq? How many soldiers comprise the 16,000 workers at the US embassy in Iraq, the largest US embassy in the world?

Let us travel the road to Damascus. How can we avoid the onions on the road, and the rat packs scurrying on the road where Saul was transformed into Paul. Alas, today Paul has reverted to Saul, the Zionist.

Oh, where are the righteous in this quagmire, oh where are the holy ones who seek only justice, freedom from religious extremism and sectarianism. They have fled into the night with only the clothing on their backs, on the road away from Damascus, roads through the woods, forests, mountains, with children in hand and nothing more.

And what of the Syrian monster king, a butcher like his father who killed 30,000 in one town, Hama. The butcher Assad is amazed the Crusaders are now bombing in his land. Will he call his Russian and Iranian allies for assistance or will the Crusaders assist him by degrading ISIS and their cohorts so he can step in for that final dagger touch. We understand his doom was sealed when he refused to give up the Golan Heights, much like Saddam Hussein and poor Qaddafi in Libya, now in a dance with death as Qaddafi predicted if he was removed. His arms have found their way from Nigeria to Sinai, to Iraq and Syria.

Do you think Israel is sitting around with his dick in his hand and heart racing? Oh, no, he is most assuredly in bed with all the rats, Crusaders for sure, Uncle Abdullahs, for sure,  mixed with the other spies and agents who  play all sides in this classic Middle Eastern drama of political chicanery. Israel is happy the global village has shifted from observing his bloody behavior in Gaza now that the Crusaders have mobilized from the sky to save the...who, the people, or the oil fields, to prevent Shia expansion from the Tigris and Euphrates to the Mediterranean.

We support the righteous people, the suffering masses who only want a better day, the righteous caught in the middle of the geo-political, ideological and sectarian madness that will not last 100 years, we predict. Before long, the specter of nuclear weapons will enter the battlefield. The Atom bomb was dropped when I was only months old. We seem edging closer to the ultimate weapon as I grow old, I grow old.

The endgame: after the sweat, blood and tears, how 'bout sweet democracy with authoritarianism, i.e., state democracy/capitalism, Islamic democracy with a theological (Sharia law) touch. Isn't this what we wanted?

"That is not what I meant
that is not what I meant at all
In the room the women come and go
talking of Michelangelo.... "

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