Friday, November 21, 2014

BAM Artists seek "Black Arts Movement District" in Oakland



    The game of racism became covert, that only last so long before it implodes and the blood of the victims of police violence is splattered on the sidewalks .The choke holds caught on camera, the blatant act of strangulation on video and a grand jury sees nothing wrong,even though the coroner ruled it a homicide-even with preponderance of evidence we can't win a rigged game. People have taken to the streets in protest, they have reached a saturation point and are standing up for justice.ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE- ITS BASIC HUMANIITY 101. These are not debatable points-Eric Garner repeated 11 times "I can't breath " - to no avail. This was a brutal malicious murder caught on camera

    Vigilantes with badges goal is to kill Blck men-we need to wake up and smell reality! today. The game is obvious, their aim is to kill us, genocide is the beast's game.Their disdain for us is quite evident, they joke in bars about how they beat and kill Black men, this is a national past time for the pork chop pigs ,our lives don't matter to these psycho vigilantres..

  2. The" I have a drean" speech is a good safe slogan white society love to propagate because its non threathning . Ever notice none of the speeches he gave denouncing europeeon capitalism and this country are ever shown. I only suggest people start reading King and examine the complexity of subject matters he addressed. They've attemnpted to white wash King into this shangrila type character who ran around on a cloud talking abot a ficticious dream. Eventually they killed him, he was a world renown figure who spoke against their brutal wars in the far east . They killed the Noble Peace Prize winner. The plots are complecated but any analytical mind sees the trail leads back to the white house.