Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Parable of Watch Out Blackie, Whitey comin' fa dat ass

There was a land where Pharaoh ruled over many slaves, using his monkey mind media and other magicians, including the Amen priests, the chief magicians whose tricknology hoodwinked and bamboozled the 85% deaf, dumb and blind. The 1% blood suckers of the poor controlled the policies of Pharaoh who was only a puppet on a string who danced to the tune of the bankers, investors and military elite. The blood suckers of the poor allowed a slave to rule as Pharaoh, but he was only a front man, a bootlicker who told the Amen priests to sing Silent Night and Peace be Still. He gave great speeches to keep the 85% calm and medicated on a diet of drugs, sex, violence and poison food, genetically altered to control their mental processes and physical being as well, keeping them under the control of the mad scientist Yacub's chief workers: the doctor, nurse and undertaker.

The 5% poor righteous teachers had a most difficult time getting their message to the deaf dumb and blind. The poor righteous teachers were usually banned from teaching in the Pharaonic schools, colleges and universities. Pharaonic intellectuals were instructed to keep the blind, deaf and dumb in their wretched condition by not allowing any self knowledge to reach them; also, they were not to teach do-for-self as that would upset the slavery teachings of the 1%.

When the half-white Pharaoh attempted to reach out to his slave brothers and sisters, he was blocked at every turn and told to follow the script given to him by the blood suckers of the poor. He tried to get uppity by following his own agenda but the No people blocked him and his policies and urged Pharoah's army to get their whips and guns ready to lash the behinds of any who tried to break out of the kingdom. People were caught at the borders and returned to the slave mill in Pharaoh's house. Those victims of the slave system were imprisoned or shot on sight, even though many resisted until they were outgunned, being no match for Pharaoh's army, navy, air force, national guard, local police and snitches.

Then suddenly their appeared strange objects in the sky over the land. There were earthquakes, famine, drought, disease and pestilence. The more Pharaoh's army beat down the people caught in the slave system, the more his economy failed until he cried out, "Let them go, let them go." And the people walked to a new land of their own.
--Marvin X

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