Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday ain't Black

Black Friday ain't Black
Black Friday ain't Black
Black Friday ain't white
Black Friday is
Made in China
You speak Chinese
My granddaughter speaks Chinese
3 years old
she say Gpa
Don't be so dramatic!
Black Friday ain't black
you in rebellion over Ferguson
But won't buy Black on Black Friday
won't buy white
buy made in China
You at the Mall
If you didn't burn in down
Burn, baby, burn
Buy Black on Black Friday
buy black
or shut yo black ass up
live black
love black
die black!
--Marvin X
 Marvin X is planning a Black Arts Movement District for Oakland's 14th Street. He has the support of Mayor elect Libby Shaaf, Councilwomen Lynette Gibson McElhaney and Desley Brooks. Paul Cobb and the Post News Group is in partnership with BAM.

Boycott Walmart on Black Friday


I'm working 40 hours a week for a company owned by America's wealthiest family, and I still make so little that I have to skip meals to pay my bills. On the toughest weeks, I go whole days without a meal. Sometimes I have to rely on friends in the neighborhood who share food with me. And I'm far from the only one of my coworkers falling back on donations: Walmart even organizes canned food drives for its own employees!
If Walmart wants to help struggling workers, it can start by paying us enough to eat. But when workers like me speak out about the company's hypocrisy, we're met with bullying, threats, and illegal retaliation. Now we're going on strike to stand up to Walmart's attempt to silence us on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, and we want you there with us.
Walmart rakes in $16 billion a year in profits. The Walton heirs are worth more than $150 billion, making them the wealthiest single family in the country. It's ridiculous and offensive for their company to tell us to turn to our coworkers for donated food. Walmart can easily pay all of us $15 an hour, enough to live with dignity and raise a family.
Last week, workers went on strike in Ohio, where Walmart was caught telling associates to donate food to their coworkers last year. Meanwhile, community supporters are holding their own food drive to shame Walmart and the Walton family for leaving their workers struggling to survive. And this is just the beginning: workers and our community allies are planning even bigger actions for Black Friday. Will you be there?
Thanks for standing with us!
Diana Tigon, Walmart worker and OUR Walmart member

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