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From the Archives: Marvin X interviews Prime Minister Forbes Burnham of Guyana, SA, et al.

  February, 1973

Note: This interview by Marvin X with Prime Minister Forbes Burnham appeared in Black Scholar and Muhammad Speaks Newspaper. Of course, Burnham turned out to be a rat who engineered the assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney and allowed Rev. Jim Jones to commit mass murder on his watch. He was America's choice for a Black Power government rather than a Marxist one in South America. 



A left-stapled magazine containing 64 internal pages. Special issue on Pan-Africanism (III) - The Caribbean Featuring First-Hand Reports on The Cuban Revolution. The contents are: The Cuban Revolution: Lessons for the Third World by Robert Chrisman and Robert L. Allen; Jamaica: The Myth of Economic Development and Racial Tranquility by Horace Campbell; A Conversation with Forbes Burnham (Interview by Marvin X); The Impact of the African on the New World - A Reappraisal by John Henrik Clarke; Marxism-Leninism and Nkrumahism by Stokely Carmichael; "We are all Babylonians" - Afro-Americans in Africa by Ron Finney; The Black Scholar Interviews: A Black Expatriate in Cuba (who wished his name to remain anonymous); Book Review; Special Feature: A Report on the [Marcus] Garvey Seminar. Covers lightly age-browned, lightly worn, lightly rubbed. Bookseller Inventory # 008290

The Julian Mayfield Papers, New York Public Library Archives, 1949-1984

McDavid file consists of memoranda and draft letters written by Mayfield for McDavid's signature dealing with a broad range of issues, including Guyana's participation in the Sixth Pan-Africanist Congress in Dar-es-Salaam in 1974, parliamentary opposition to black American expatriates in Guyana, tensions between blacks and Asians, Guyana's communication needs, and possible attempts to overthrow the Burnham government. The Burnham file relates in part to film projects on the Carifesta Festival (1972) and a Nonaligned Conference in Guyana (1973), to a plan to attract professional black Americans to Guyana, and to secure friendlier coverage of Guyana in the black press in the United States. Included are letters from Marvin X of Muhammad Speaks and the text of an interview he conducted with Burnham, and a draft “Public Relations Programme for National Unity” prepared by Mayfield, to combat racial polarization and neutralize Eusi Kwayana's opposition to Burnham.


The Black Scholar
Vol. 4, No. 5, PAN-AFRICANISM (III) THE CARIBBEAN (February 1973), pp. 24-31
Published by: Paradigm Publishers
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 Page 24 of The Black Scholar, Vol. 4, No. 5, PAN-AFRICANISM (III) THE CARIBBEAN, February 1973

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