Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Wild Crazy Ride called the Marvin X Experience: from Berkeley CA to Chicago ILL.

Marvin X in Berkeley CA

Hello Marvin you told me to send you a email about this event  I will have other speakers that who  have felt racism by  Berkeley  high schools adm and school district.  If you are free Tuesday March 31 come to the West Berkeley Library at 1135 university ave  I have the community room reserved  from 6:00pm - 8:00pm I would like your support, Mansur IDeen said he will be a part of this I hope that you can  come and speak out against racism in the Berkeley school district thanks and take care. --Ralph Walker
Marvin X in Chicago

Greetings Brother Marvin X - I'm a saxophonist in Chicago interested in bringing you to Chicago to participate in a panel discussion during a conference on Sun Ra and possibly arranging some other speaking engagements and possibly performing together in May of 2015, around sun Ra's Birthday May 22..... Peace. David Boykin

Booking information: 510-200-4164/

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