Sunday, March 15, 2015

Open letter to USA Black Military Veterans to unite with Veteran soliders of the 1960s Revolution for American Democracy

From the Black Arts/Black Liberation Movement 

To all Black American military veterans 

who served in foreign wars and to those veteran Black liberation Movement/Black Arts Movement artistic freedom fighters and political activists who fought for the liberation of the Hood from the ravages of domestic colonialism; who are also patriots in the American revolutionary tradition; who believed in the consent of the governed, a jury of peers, innocence until proven guilty, one man, one vote. 

We call upon our North American African, United State of America military brothers and sisters to celebrate a reconciliation with a banquet and parade down the Oakland BAM District, 14th and MLK, Jr. Way to 14th and Alice. We call upon our US Military Veterans to show unity with the people with public recognition of love and respect between all those who fought for the American revolution, from the founding fathers to the elders of today, in the US military and those in the Black Arts/Black Liberation Movement. We must have a unity gathering, what about Geoffery’s Inner Circle, in the BAM District at 14th and Franklin?

We envision a Red, Black and Green Parade (with the heart) , in the Marcus Garvey style, down 14th from MLK, Jr. Way to Alice. We see USA North American African veterans in uniform marching along with the F.O.I, Black Panther Party, workers, students, religious leaders, educators, politicians, artists, same gender loving persons, et al.

As we all well know, our community is in need of unity,thus our task is to unite the people, regardless of our individual political/religious beliefs, military allegiance .  Let us come together for the common cause of our liberation—no matter the results of American politricks, we must get a consensus on our agenda for the next 50 to 100 years. Let us put on the Divine thinking cap and come to understand there is only one truth, one reality. If it’s true for you, it is true for me. Ache’.

As independent people, we must remain in this world but not of it! Let us stay focused on our wants and needs. For all we know, though we hope not, America may fall tomorrow. Where shall we be, want part of the American pie do we want. We know there shall be the Balkinization, ethnic, political, religious groups will claim their share of the American pie. Without an agenda, we shall find ourselves on the lowest rung of the multicultural ladder.

We therefore call upon Bay Area North American African US Military Veterans, especially, Rt. Col. Conway Jones, Jr. and Charles Blanchard, to lead the charge for a Day of Reconciliation of North American African Veterans who fought in US wars abroad and at home, including the F.O.I., Black Panther Party, Students, Workers, et al. Ase’.—Marvin X

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