Friday, March 27, 2015

Notes on Yemen: Crusaders, Zionists, Sunnis, Shiites

What a conundrum in the Middle East: proxy war in Yemen. One sectarian force supported by Iran, another by Saudi Arabia, along with the US and Zionist Israel and the Arab Uncle Abdullah regimes, i.e., Egypt, Jordan, Gulf States, Pakistan. If you wish, call it a war between the rich and the poor since Saudi Arabia and her running dogs, USA, Israel, Gulf States are rich compared to Yemen, one of the poorest nations in the world. Poor Obama claimed to have Yemen under control a few months ago, as he once claimed Iraq was under control and Afghanistan under control but we see the facts on the ground. Let us have enough common sense to go with the facts on the ground. We must conclude with a blind man, Ray Charles who sang to us The Danger Zone: Look around and you will see what's troubling me, the danger zone is everywhere....

But the conundrum doesn't end in Yemen. Can you figure out what's going on in Syria? Well, we can say again it is basically the fabulous four: Crusaders, Zionists, Sunnis and Shiites. Just to complicate matters more, throw in the Russians in the Syrian quagmire.

Go down from the road to Damascus to the Tigress and Euphrates. In this grand irony, the Crusaders and Zionists are in bed with Iran to stop ISIS. The Crusaders are serving as the air force for Iranian backed militias. Here we see the Crusaders playing both sides, for sure they are with the Sunnis via Saudi Arabia. Simultaneously, they are in cooperation with the Iranian backed Iraqi government.

Shall we stop here so you can rest your little head? We shall end with the supreme irony that the Crusaders are in talks with Shiite Iran to delay the day they announce possession of their Islamic bomb! Saudi Arabia has announced she must consider the Sunni Islamic bomb! And so it is. Know that when the armies are drawn close to Jerusalem, the end is near!

What is the Black Agenda is such global matters? Think globally, act locally. We see the white house burning in confusion and dread. As the former President Lula of Brazil said, "These blue eyed people think they are so smart, but look how they have messed up the world." The Americans don't have a clue what will happen tomorrow in the Middle East and Africa. They have dumb-foundedly set forces in motion for which they have no idea what the endgame shall be. They liberated Libya from Qadaffy, but what a terrible Pandora's box they unleashed with the plethora of weapons flowing from Libya throughout Africa to Afghanistan and all points in between.

White man, shut the fuck up, don't say shit about shit, silencio por favor!

North American Africans shall either go down with the American ship Titanic or jump into the ocean of truth and configure their own way as a nation that is the eight richest nation in the world with over two trillion dollars in national income. If we transcend poverty consciousness and understand our true wealth and how to use it, we will stop yakking about reparations and gather our economic wealth for communal benefit.

We will do the same with our political power. We will call a plebiscite or vote of the people to decide whether we shall establish a Nation of North American Africans or not. How in the hell can we call ourselves citizens in a land where we must continually renew the Voting Rights Act? And do American citizens get shot down like dogs by the police? Do American citizens kill each other at the drop of a hat? Are American citizens crowded into prisons and jails for being drug addicted and mentally ill, the so-called dual diagnosed? Imagine, true American citizens (whites) who robbed the poor of their basic wealth, i.e., home ownership, to the tune of trillions of dollars, have served no jail or prison time. The only white man serving time is Bernie Maddof and only because he robbed the rich!
--Marvin X/Nazzam Al Sudan El Muhajir

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